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Mythic Upgrade Offer Worth It?

Is The Mythic Upgrade Offer For 1 Medal Of Nysha And All The Souls And Traitstones To Max Out The Troop Worth 35 Bucks? Im Considering It For The Medal Of Nysha…

A few days ago on summer calendar was nysha and 1800 gems for $50 (I think), which is a much better deal.

It’s not. Current going price for a Nysha is $14 … this is based upon 1800 gems + 1 Nysha for $50.

Gems at 2 cents each means gems have a value of $36. Therefore Nysha is $14.

If you see this offer, then it’s a question of how much is your time worth? I think a Nysha Medal is ~100 hours of farming.

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I Didnt See That Offer o.o

PS4 gets some different offers because they don’t allow discounts on game currency; gems. If you’re on Xbox, then I’d wait for a better deal.

Im On Ps4 Ive Only Seen Gem Key Offers

Best deal is not 2 buy anything :wink: