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Mythic not fully levelled at draw

I drew a Stonehammer, not fully levelled, is this normal:


That is normal. You must still spend souls to level him. Or are you a VIP level where he should be starting at a higher level than 1?

The highest you can automatically get is the auto-level 10 from a sufficient VIP level. You will never get a fully-leveled troop of any rarity and the base rarity of any troop has nothing to do with the level. They all start at level 1 unless VIP levels give you the boost to level 5 or 10 (depends on VIP level).

VIP 11 starts at level 15.


Well, I must praise my lucky stars :slight_smile: All the mythics I drew so were fully levelled. I’m not a VIP ! So I’ll stop complaining, thxs for the responses.

O.o 10char

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