Mythic-Chasers: like myth-busters, but not

I still need commons from Silverglade and had never done the math. Now I see I’m better off just waiting until the new kingdom comes out. :+1:

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I’ll give you my mentality, using your breakdown, maybe you can help me gain a bit more efficiency.

Gold Keys:
I was saving back 2500 for the new kingdom and spending the rest trying get Silver Drakon from the last new new kingdom. I will change this.

Glory Keys:
Not currently using them at all. I’ve been saving them as a contingency plan should I have resource shortage during the next Mythic release.

Gem Keys:
I use these during Mythic release only. Once I get 1, I stop spending them. (Not trying for multiple copies of base mythics at this point)

Event Keys:
I use these during Kingdom weeks where there’s a mythic I don’ t have or a legendary I don’t have ascended to mythic (I have at least 1 of all legendaries at this point)

Gems - I use these on VIP or Gem chests during Mythic release weeks only, otherwise I save them.
Glory - I use this to purchase the weekly event troops and associated trait stones.
Guild - I usually just wait to 40K every week and open however many chests I can. I don’t save them.

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I actually save these until mythic week as well. They have saved me from using gems to get a mythic twice. I use them like back up gem keys basically.


So you’re not spending them on Guardians?

I use a small amount (2000 - 3000 seals) of them during mythic week so that I can ascend the guardians. I think they’ll all be mythic once I do an opening for the next mythic. Once that is done and I’m free of guardian drops from guild chests, I’ll just hoard them until needed. For example, I’d use them if the mythic didn’t drop from gem keys.


I hoard guild keys until mythic week as well. However, I tend to spend them before anything else. I wait until my guild has maxed out the chest at 40k, and then I spend every single seal and guild key I can in attempting to get the mythic, before I even touch my gem/glory keys. Twice now, I have gotten the mythic without even having to use anything else.

I figure, the guardians are going to come regardless, so why not be patient?


Well I’ll be dipped. I guess I will start saving my guild seals then!

Yep I’m also a hoarder!

Gold Keys only during a Kingdom release, then blow the whole stash.
Event Keys - new legendary just use enough for 1-2 copies, new Kingdom Event I use enough to get legendary to Mythic.

Everything else does not get touched until new Mythic week, then I hit them in following order:

  1. Guild Key (40K only)
  2. Glory Keys. If I open more than 5000 w/o hitting I might switch to
  3. Gem Keys
  4. VIP Keys as last resort, only spend the gems if all other key resources exhausted.
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Our guild doesn’t generally hit 40k (we usually hit around 30k) but every 4 weeks when a Mythic is released, we have a “seal surge” week where our seal requirements are higher, to make sure we hit 40k and get a chance at the mythic while it’s exclusive. So we all just horde our seals till that point usually.

Backup currency to try for a mythic is one way to use glory keys, just keep in mind that mythics are ten times more likely from a gem key and 100 times more likely from a VIP key. Also keep in mind that glory keys are the best way to get rares on a new kingdom release - without a decent supply, you’ll need about 70% more total gold keys (lets estimate around 38k for this next one) to mythic the kingdom’s rare troop if you dont put in any glory keys. Having at least a decent supply of glory keys in the mix allows you to get away with having less gold keys total and still mythic every troop. Note that, again, if you can’t reasonably mythic everything by the time the event ends, there is no reason to do the full dump, as you only need a slight amount more by the next kingdom, and you can dump gold/glory keys for low rarity fodder at basically any time but have a very small window to get your epics and legendaries reliably ascended via event keys. We ran some numbers on new kingdoms here if you are further interested.

Since gem keys only drop ultra-rare and above, they are fairly useless when it comes to obtaining new kingdom troops, as you get these from event keys anyways - easily mythic in the case of ultra-rares. Also, gem keys actually don’t have the greatest drop ratio for Epics, which is usually the bottleneck for high rarity troops from a new kingdom… only estimated at dropping about 2.7 times as often from gem keys as glory keys based on Shimrra’s chest stats and supplemented by my own data. An entire lot of 500+ gem keys might only get you 1-2 epics and 1 legendary (and easily zero, if you are not lucky), which only saves you around 50 event keys in the long run.

My guild rarely gets 40k seals, but when we do, it is always planned and always on the week of a mythic release. When this happens, I dump the seals first, since I’m going to dump them regardless for guardians as it will be a long time to the next 40k, then do my normal 50 VIP > all gem keys (unless the mythic dropped already) > 50 more VIP (if the mythic seems like it is worth it and I have extra). I should note, though, this doesn’t increase your mythic chances all that much, especially if you still have guardians in the mix, but if you get extremely lucky, you’ll have an extra buffer next month.

Event keys have been stated to have the same drop rate for mythics (if the kingdom has one) as gem keys. Taking just gem cost relative to gem keys and VIP keys into the equation, VIP chests are twice as efficient to spend gems on as gem chests are during a mythic exclusive period, and gem chests during an exclusive period are 1.5 times as efficient to spend gems on as VIP chests. Therefore, if you ever get into a situation where you are forced to spend gems to buy event keys, the average price tag to hunt a mythic will be three times as much as using them on VIP chests on any given exclusive week. However, this is still much better chances than getting them with VIP chests on a non exclusive week at this point, which is 11 times as much, even now. I haven’t had the opportunity to do this yet, but if I get to a kingdom event where I don’t already have every other single troop mythic and I’m missing the mythic in the kingdom, I might throw some event keys there just for the chance.

Note that this 3:1 cost ratio doesnt apply if you somehow have a massive supply of “extra” event keys, but you’d have to at least skip trying to early finish every other new kingdoms to build up a decent supply. Remember that if it comes down to it, you can also buy event keys with 180 glory as a backup, and that 1 event key is generally far more useful than 9 glory keys - in this instance, slightly more useful for the purposes of hunting mythics, since an event key is ten times as likely as a glory key to drop a mythic if there is a mythic in the kingdom. Won’t help you with Apocalypse troops, though.

I’m getting to the point where buying glory packs push me well past how many of that specific arcane are needed to trait every troop that currently exists, which is why I will almost never push a troop past mythic just for the stones. I have a rather large hoard of glory right now (140k+ and counting) that I plan on using on backup event keys. My reasoning is that it is far easier to farm two arcanes (400 glory on the best week) than it is to farm two event keys (360 glory on any week).

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Long post, here are my thoughts:

Normally, I’d only use them glory/glory keys to chase a mythic in an absolute disaster where everything else is gone. It sounds like I should start using more of them on new kingdom release. I’ve always used some but never a lot.

Despite the overall probabilities, I’ve had horrible luck with VIP keys and I simply just don’t use them anymore. I’ve had far better luck with gem/event keys overall in terms of getting exclusive mythics and not only that but I don’t end up with zero gems afterwards either.

As far as farming trait stones, I just can’t do it anymore. I did it a lot for a while and it’s just too damn boring. I’d much rather buy the stones, even if it costs more.

Yeah, I’m also to the point where I’m one by one “closing out” certain arcane colors (eg., having enough to trait every troop currently in existence) after they’ve appeared in a pack. I don’t bother spending my Arcanes unless I’ll either use the troop or they will get me more stars, so I can ensure both the highest star possible, the freedom to “waste” stones on mythics, and minimal farming because I always have a sizable stash, since there is a huge amount of stones between “everything to seven star” and “everything fully traited”. By the time nine star becomes possible, then I can reevaluate how many “extra” stones I want, because nine stars give more glory per week which translates to more disposable income for just stones.

I’m using a similar strategy with arcanes. I could afford to buy more but I only buy enough to trait useful troops or raise kingdom power levels.

Any other pointers you can think of? This has been quite informative.

I’m the same as some of the other hoarders here.

I will save all my keys until New-Mythic-week or New-Legendary-Only-In-Event-Chest-week.

For New-Mythic-week, I will go through this order until I get the Mythic:

  1. Guild keys (managed to get 1 this way so far)
  2. Glory keys
  3. Gem keys
  4. Gems to buy Gem keys

Whether or not I stop before I get it depends on how good I perceive the Mythic to be, luckily I haven’t had to make that decision so far, touch wood.

For New-Legendary-Only-In-Event-Chest-week:

Use event keys until I get the new legendary, continue until I get 6 copies if I think it’s a good legendary, like Krystenax for example. Sometimes, ok often times, I am wrong and either spend too much for a lousy Legendary (dumb Gog) or spend too little for a good Legendary (bloody TDS - though I got it to Mythic in the end).

yeah, save the seals for mythic week and then start “the grand opening” with seals first :slight_smile: you may save more gems and other keys that way and still get a monthly supply of guardians

about gold keys,
i think im going to go with “2-kingdoms schedule” for gold keys:

  • gonna mass open all gold keys at every other new kingdom release
  • while at the other kingdom release ill only open a few to find at least one copy of each new (low rarity) unit

due to calculations i found at a topic related to that - i found out that gathering all gold keys per one kingdom release (without reserving extra gold for it) wouldnt suffice so this hopefully will be my way to make it up

I’m not necessarily wanting to max out every new kingdom but it’s nice to know there’s a way to maximize return on investment…

Really enjoying this conversation, learning a lot, so thanks to those contributing.

Just wondering what the source is for this (from the devs, community testing, etc.) and when? That’s the type of info I’ve been looking for, but haven’t been able to find anything “official”, only some opinions/findings by different users (and not a lot of data to back up any of it).

Some of the info is in the game interface itself. Like the drop rate of VIP vs. gem keys, for example.

they dont have the same drop rate, and ill find you some official info:

later on they stopped adding that drop rate info part but the rates didnt change

if you compare gem chests and vip chests costs you will see that vip chests have higher chance then gem chests, even considering the costs

you can find all over the forum comments about “how vip chests dont drop mythics as often as they should” and that “gem chests drop them more likely” but i would rather bet it is just rng bias on ppls expectations

It absolutely is recall bias.

The actual numbers have been posted, I just can’t remember by who and where. It might have been @Mithran that posted it originally.

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