Mythic-Chasers: like myth-busters, but not

So with the arrival of Pharos-Ra, I got excited, I rolled all the things, spent all the stuff, and…

I’ve found myself again sobbing in the corner with no keys and no gems and no glory … AND no mythic. Womp womp

This isn’t a new situation for me though. It happened with Abynissia, it happened with Draakulis, it happened with Gard’s.

My guildies have long advised me to hoard my keys and gems and not roll unless there’s a new drop/new kingdom. I know this is wise advice and I do try and save some but… in my mind I need to be rolling in order to get the ones I’ve already missed! No? Most of the time though what I do save seems to never be enough.

For a player quickly approaching end-game who is dead-set on his completionist ways, if I adopt this strategy and never roll, except on new drops, then how will I ever get the mythics I’ve missed?

My understanding is that with a new drop the old ones are taken out of chests and become unavailable. So I need to be rolling in the interim as well, don’t I? To catch up? Right?

Anyone have any strategy or recommendations for filling in these missing holes in my troops? Do I just need to hoard for like a year and then it won’t matter? le sigh


Luck, luck and more luck.

I horded for each Mythic that’s been out since my time with the game. I didn’t open any chest as soon as I got a whiff of a new mythic coming. Didn’t get a sausage.

In comes this Ra fellow. I didn’t save anything for it because clearly I’m not allowed nice things.
Got 450 gems (always wait to open 50), and there was my first mythic. No hording. No grinding. No god-damn trait stones to make him worth having :joy:


My situation is similar to yours.

I’ve been playing this game for 2+ years, I’m level 1063, I have all troops except 4 base mythics (Plague, Wulfgarok, Gard’s and Pharos-Ra), and I need to get maybe a total of 50 traits to get all my troops traited.
But getting base mythics is a different issue. I’ve tried spending all my resources (keys and gems) during the week that they’re exclusive in the chests but that’s been unsuccessfull (that only worked for Abynissia for me). I’ve spent loads of resources when new kingdoms come out (that got me War and Draakulis) and I’ve been lucky once with the guild chests (that got me Death about 6 weeks ago). I can’t honestly remember how I got Famine, that was the first mythic I got, but I’ve forgotten how I got that one).

My “new” approach (that I decided on when I didn’t get Pharos-Ra yesterday when I spent all my resources) is to hoard keys and gems for when new kingdoms come out, and maybe spend event keys when events take place in kingdoms where mythics come from (Khetar for Pharos-Ra, Maugrim for Wulfgarok and Whitehelm for Gard’s).
But from now on I’ll be ignoring the exclusive one-week period, as that doesn’t seem to make sense anymore now that I am missing 4 out of the 9 base mythic troops…

That’s the best I can think of…


It is pretty much impossible to get the mythics you have missed at this point. It takes a month worth of maxed guild tasks with all gems funneled into VIP chests to even have a decent chance at getting a mythic. However, unless you really want one of the ones in the random drop pool, spending resources that can get you a mythic when there is not an exclusive gives you a chance at getting one you already have, which, in most cases, is basically useless. If you had, say, 5 of 9 of the currently released mythics, your average cost in gems/keys for getting a unique mythic from the fully random pool is 2.25 times as high. For each one you miss, this cost moves closer to what it would be during the exclusive period. But each one you pull randomly lowers your chance of getting the future ones. If you had, say, 6 of 9, then the remaining mythics have an average cost of three times normal. And if you were on your last one currently would have an average cost nine times normal, since probability has no memory.

The current best (only) strategy to get every Mythic is to get each of them when they first come out. There is no other reasonable way to get them all, even supplementing with purchases, because those are always random. With a $50 per month purchase and full weekly guild tasks, you would eventually be able to get every mythic, but this could happen months or years down the line depending on what you have now and how lucky you get. Otherwise, if you missed one, get used to not having it ever. So long as you only get enough resources to get (maybe) one a month, on the collection side, it is best to at least guarantee it is one you don’t have yet. The alternative is to be in a guild with enough legendary tasks to get an average of an additional mythic per month.

I spent 200 VIP keys (9k gems), 253 gem keys, and 1000 glory keys and did not get this mythic. I may or may not try 50 more VIP, but I need to make sure I have enough reserves for the new kingdom and upcoming legendaries. Getting every other troop is far far more important that mediocre mythics. At this point, most mythics are nothing more than little toys and aren’t actually required to progress your kingdom stars. If mythics are ever required for kingdom stars under the current drop scheme, a lot of people are going to be less than pleased.

Event keys have been stated to have the same drop rate for mythics as Gem Keys, and only drop mythics if the current event kingdom has a mythic. If you get to the point where you ever have to spend raw gems on event keys (either to hunt the mythic, or because you spent too much and need them for the next new legendary), keep in mind this is three times as expensive as getting them during their exclusive period with VIP keys. Also keep in mind that estimated drop rate for mythics is probably somewhere between 1/500 and 1/1000 for Gem Keys. I would definitely stop spending event keys in any kingdom you already have all the legendaries ascended to mythics, because at that point, you can’t get anything else of value, and even dual legendary kingdoms, this should happen before 500 event keys spent if you started with zero of both.


I feel like the estimated drop rates for Mythics aren’t even close to low enough. I’m level 650-ish, been playing daily since long before the Mythics existed, have easily used tens of thousands of non-Gold keys, and in all this time I’ve gotten one single Plague. This week again I used up all my keys, cashed in a couple thousand gems for more keys, and again nothing. The drop rate is indistinguishable from “never”.

I’m reasonable enough to expect not to get the fancy new Mythic each time one comes out, but at this point I’m basically assuming I will never get any more Mythics unless I spend fifty bucks a month. It really sucks.

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So long as mythics aren’t required to max a kingdom’s PL, I will continue to act as though they don’t exist. 4 months worth of glory, gem, guild keys with 0 mythics.

But if I ever need a mythic, and they haven’t added an alternate route, I uninstall and move on.


Just to give an alternative point of view: I have all the mythics except Abynissia. In the last two days, I received two Pharos-Ra, both from 50 key glory pulls. I agree with you that it is all luck, fate or RNGesus, but in my case mythics have been plentiful and easily available. I would just like other readers of this thread to know it is not impossible to get them.


I feel you. And agreed with @RiverSong, it’s all luck and RNG. I spent all my keys and 40% of my gems and didn’t get him. But it’s okay, I’ve prepared mentally. I’ll get him eventually. Maybe next week. Or next month. Or next year.

PS: Nice try RNGsus.


either luck or a very heavy wallet… sorry man :sob:

the tactic with saving for a year i think is even worse as you would end up with a tone of duplicate mythics and just a few unique mythics in the end… if not luck again…

here is what i do:

first method:

  • if your intuition is strong or luck good enough try to open once a month at new mythic like most ppl do,

  • if your intuition is not strong then i would advise to save untill there is the mythic u really want, so like open only once per ~3 months… then the chances might be good enough, hopefully.

  • apocalypse ones - consider them lost cause (unless wallet - of wallet then make sure to loot all of them immediatelly before the mythic pool grows even more and lower their drop chance)

  • all other missing mythics hunt with event keys. thats it, event keys for all the missing mythics (and dont use event keys for any other reason then that). so there is a chance…

alternative method:

  • open only when there are all mythics available until you get all the horsemen, while keep trying to get the missing OTHER ones with event keys - or even better - SAVE ALL EVENT KEYS untill you are done getting all horsemen
    -after you complete all horsemen set go back to the first method.

Thanks, just a question - what do you mean by intuition in this case?

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The good thing about probability is that, even though you’ve had a terrible run of luck, going forward you have the same chances as everyone else. If you’ve got a good gem + key income the odds are that you’ll get one as often as other people, which seems to me to be about once every couple months. That’s just a WAG though; I haven’t seen a poll or anything.

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by intuition i mean a case where you have a feeling to open chests now or to not open, and based on that feeling it would give you the respective result, like a hunch, a feeling…
we can sum it up with just luck anyway but that feeling sometimes really worked for me when i dont try to overthink about it
althought maybe i am just lucky. or both…

i heard usually women can have a better intuition so maybe its an abstract thing to you. or a nonsense, nevertheless i mentioned it as to me its just as much “reliable” or “measurable” as luck

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fair dues. thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

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I’d really like to know what the Devs envision the average acquisition rate to look like. So far, I’ve opened roughly 300 guild chests, 300 gem chests and a huge number of glory chests each month on mythic week, additionally throwing in an extra 5k gems each time. No mythics for three months straight now. Is my account terminally cursed, just somewhat unlucky or well within expectations? By now it sure feels like I’m getting more than just a kick in the teeth here, with all those “ABC found XYZ” rolling by in global chat. It’s probably just a matter of managing expectations, some kind of statement that even the most active players should not expect more than, say, three mythics each year would make me feel a lot better about the mythics I actually got at first.

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ive no idea, i think when it comes to mythics the rng is extremely uneven, i consider myself amongst the very lucky ones so cannot help much…
i know within my guild each month we do get something like 10 mythics in total (but its a rough speculation as i never paid too close attention to actually count them)

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I am depressed in general about the exceedingly low drop rates for Mythics. Guild keys might be the ‘best’ way to get Mythics we’ve missed in the past.

I’m trying to scrape together enough Glory and Gem keys to try again for Pharos-Ra this week, but it’s not looking good at this point. Whenever I’ve missed getting a Mythic on the release weekend, it’s never turned up during the rest of its event week, either. :frowning: :cry:


I’m in that boat of the people whom spent 1000’s of keys and never received 1 Mythic troop.

Really sucks when you see others with full teams of them, and you spend every resource you have on trying to obtain only one, and it never comes.

I keep playing, but have stopped PvP because I feel unless I’m in a major guild with all the tasks finished for the extra bonuses, along with having the best cards, I am always the underdog and not worth my time. So I’ll continue to grind explore and the events, and hopefully one day I’ll find a mythic or two and might try PvP again.

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most of my best pvp teams that give me fun actually have no mythics in it at all, so i would say do not abandon pvp :slight_smile: pvp goves u more keys to roll a chance for mythic in the end as well

mythics are something you are extremely happy to get, maybe a little excited to play a team with, but soon you discover their mana cost is so high that the outcome is not as powerful and strong as the original excitgement intensity, in the end they are just as good as legends i would say just filling a slightly different role (in most cases a slower heavier cannon in the end bringing around same result as little lighter but faster legendary cannons)

example? i tried my best to make a viable wulfgarok team , but nah, simple khorvash beats it to the bone when it comes to utility and end result… same with maw vs wulf…

another example i do not have abynissia but i bet dragon soul and gorgotha will domuch bettter role at exploding then her xD

drakuls just bends his knees in front of crimson bat

plagues spell is so rng you will only want its trait but then wont you prefer the krakens spell+trait instead?

and so on…

dont loose the heart to pvp man, some bad luck is not worth it, the legendaries are still the heart of fun in pvp :slight_smile: and a good synergy among all the base rarity types :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Can anyone imagine a situation where a high level guild will accept payment for temporary membership for the chance to obtain mythics from legendary tasks - a brief pull of the slot machine lever and off you go?

I can imagine it would be a nightmare to organize, but where there is a will and an infinite source of gold…

Is that too meta for the meta?

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Considering that legendary troops drop only once every 50-100 legendary tasks, it hardly seems like it would be worth it. Mythics are even rarer. You’re better off with the chests, imo.