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New Epic Troop: Moshu the Guardian Moshu the Guardian will be available this week for 400 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. World Event: The Amethyst Light There are 6 battles that players can encounter during the event:…


Do my eyes deceive me? Is this event actually Highest Rarity > Highest Level?

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Opposite week mayhaps?

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Did somebody think Stryx are in Shentang?



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Hey at least they gave us 1 troop to stun all those annoying Stryx traits away.

Hey devs I’m still able to play with at least one hand.
Wouldn’t it be more fair, slower and more of a grind if you tied my other hand behind my back?

I mean, I can still technically play by using just my nose.

Omg rarity order and scaling and no tier buy in for this event?! :heart_eyes:

So far looks like roughly 60 battles are needed per person to complete the event. :heart_eyes:

Last week was the same way.

Last week was definitely not the same way.


Yes, it was…

Eldritch Guardian (Epic): 4 Wizard Souls
Keeper of Lore (Epic): 5 Wizard Souls
Ahrimas (Epic): 6 Wizard Souls
Nyar’Mel (Legendary): 7 Wizard Souls
Medea (Legendary): 9 Wizard Souls
Vash’Dagon (Mythic): 12 Wizard Souls

Literally the same scoring, where Rarity awarded more points and none of it scaled with level.

Firstly, last week had same rarities giving different points so simply saying “choose highest rarity” doesn’t work.

Secondly, last week made no difference what level the enemies were, this week points increase with level.

If you went with Highest Rarity > Highest Level last week you did it wrong. You fought higher level battles than necessary and you also got less than optimal points while doing so.


Higher scoring is an artificial barrier for rewards. We’ve seen that before, where some events have scoring that doesn’t increase with level, and occasionally has made it require everyone in the guild to purchase an average of tier 4-5 to finish.

They can either do that, or they can do it like this week, where points increase over time as levels get harder. But that just means they need to bump up how many points are required to finish the reward tiers. They know it’s going to weed out some players who can’t finish the higher levels, forcing other guild members to buy more tiers to finish.

So the point system is completely arbitrary. It doesn’t make any difference.

Second, with the way battles appeared last week, the map never reset, so you were forced to play whatever was handed to you. You HAD to pick the highest rarity with the most points because it was probably the only one available and the others were trash. My map was full of the lowest rarity enemies and then one that I would cycle through.

This week, the map resets, so you actually get a new set of battles. I highly doubt a ton of players were set up with choices between the epics constantly and the legendaries, because eventually, players settle on killing the highest rarity they can find, then move on to the next rarity, then the next, then the next, until the map is full of the lowest rarity, because it never resets.

If you want Highest Rarity over Highest Level last week, you probably got just as good of a score as anyone else. Don’t make these two weeks events into something they aren’t.

Neither of them are like the abysmal weeks we’ve had in the past. Both of them are completely valid and easy to understand scoring.

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Last week optimal priority: Vash>Medea>Nyarmel>Ahrimas>Keeper>Eldritch>Lowest Level.
This week optimal priority: Highest Rarity>Highest Level
Not the same.

Actually the map reset twice, once after 15 battles and then 30.

Agreed…but not the same.

I’m not going to bother replying again after this post. All I can say is if you think last week’s and this week’s scoring were the same you must be crazy or playing a different game to me.


Myth and Magic. Have to laugh. The game is fast becoming a myth and well has lost; much of its magic.

Last week optimal rule: Avoid Eldritch. As battles didn’t recycle, you were guaranteed that no matter the order you’ll end up with board full of Eldritch Guardians. Order didn’t matter at all. General rule of: “choose highest rarirty” worked (with exeption that you should avoid Eldritch)

This week is different because:

  • points increase with number of times you fought the opponent
  • map resets

These 2 factors makes early Xochi battles worth more points than Phoenicia battles (at least for me-> one time my board reset into 4 Xochi battles…).

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