Mystic Hero Class Idea

Sorry all if not doing this right or posting in right spot, don’t post in forums very often and this is first for this one. If not right, appreciate if someone can copy to right place.

Anyway have idea for a Mystic hero class. Might take some changes to some troops but don’t think would be a big deal to most. To my understanding Orbweaver was originally Mystic but due to lack of Mystics in the kingdom was switched to Elf. So my idea is to use the kingdom of Sin of Maraj. Yes full of Daemon, but hear me out. None of the “sins” are Mystics, and I think they could be. Think about it, what are the sins, they are essentially a thought or action in a physical form. How can a thought or action take a physical form if not through magic or some mystic force. So all seven sins could be Mystics to go with the other 3 already in the kingdom for a total of 10 Mystic troop. Yes there are still a bunch of Daemons, but some troops I think could be changed from Deamon to another. Examples, Queen of Sin, Lust, and Pride I think could all be Human/Mystics. Gluttony could be a Monster/Mystic and Sibyle of Lust could be an Elf/Mystic, looking at her ears.

As for the story line. Luther could find a set of scrolls about Maraj. First scroll could be about the kingdoms falling into sin, second could be the coming of sin, third could be the battle with sin, and the fourth would be the sealing away of sin (which base on the storyline during the quest was reopened). Anyway, the scrolls are magical (mystical) and as you study them, the events you read about are essentially relived thus having to battle the troops in each stage.

As for the Hero class, you could call it Scholar. The weapon would be the Scrolls of Knowelege. Their action would be something to do with status effects. Maybe something that does both a positive status affect to your team but a bad one the the other. Maybe something like, 1-2 random status effects to to all (or other) allies and all enemies.

I think they like to release new troops with events as well. A new troop could the the Source of Sin. He would be a Daemon/Mystic devil looking thing (leave that up to GoW artists). his attack would be called Original Sin and do something that effects all ememies like scatter damage or set amount of damage to all enemies, plus a random status effect to all enemies.

Anyway that was my idea, hopefully this can get to the right people and be cool if GoW went with it some way or another and then we could have a Mystic hero class. Thanks all for reading. kc

Shoot, I forgot about the talent tree for the class. Obviously Knowledge and since “sins” are involved with the kingdom and story line, Morale for a second. The Third is harder to pick. I would lean toward Cunning perhaps or maybe Guardian or Light (for enlightenment), but Cunning would get my pick I think. Thanks again all. kc