Mysterious Gnome

May be mistaken but kinda recall all gnomes i’ve meet was common rarity, lil ago in pvp got that one:

Someone suggested on psn that maybe the opponent had it ascended in his/her collection but then should meet gnomes of all rarity, pretty sure some ppls got them mythic too.

That one is a real gnome, not a player putted one, laughed when match started he got bag and dropped a whooping 5 gems, just fist time i see a rare one, colors too arent right but may depend from the barrier, anyway, anyone else ever meet one?


Maybe it’s a crossbreed between a Treasure Gnome and a Dire Boar? Got the looks of the gnome and the color of the boar. :thinking:

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Kinda thought the same, well, not breeding lol but that battlecrasher affected gnomes in some ways, after all the battlecrashers use players collections, seen of all kind of rarity and stats of them.

On explore all gnomes are common got quite some while doing week event on stormhein (3 in a row too, thought vault event was on lol) and also during vault events i look for them on explore so am not 100% sure about the rarity in pvp.

Yup a saw some “real” gnome of every rarity in pvp it depend of the player ascencion

What you are saying might be correct, but that doesn’t explain why the rare gnome in the OP has a treasure sack on it. The only think I can think of is that it replaced a troop that was rare, and took the rarity of that troop.

By “real” gnome this is what i mean. I saw it several time and pretty sure the player gnome rarity affect it

I really don’t think this is the reason, i always do 3tr battle and never see rare troops

Mysterious indeed! :female_detective: In PVP, the opposing Gnome will spawn in based on the Rarity of the enemy’s collection. So it appears this person has Ascended their Gnome to Rare.


Ty for the confirmation cyrup :slight_smile:

I keep hearing that Peter Andre song in my head every time I see this thread :laughing:


Do you have information about how many players have ascended their gnomes? I feel like I see mythic gnomes very often, but I can’t imagine so many players spending so many Orbs of Ascension on a bonus troop. I’ll start tracking rarities, as perhaps my memory is off.

On ps4 then ppls collections suck hehehe, that’s the only 1 rare i seen, defo never seen a mythic one.

Just got one fighting an old player and the treasure gnome was common (and if you think i got 5 treasure gnomes and it’s like 8 months am playing is strange).

However, next week will hunt for a bit in pvp and will keep track of the rarity of gnomes.

I have all mythic gnomes, guess no one gets any from me :wink: