Myrmidons Casual/Semi-Hardcore

Good day everyone! Myrmidons is recruiting! We are a friendly guild that is steadily climbing up the ranks. A lot of our members are very active and we want to grow our ranks with like-minded people. Our absolute minimum requirement is only 1000 seals/week but most guild members easily do 1500 seals and contribute 300k-1.5M gold no problem. Leave your invite codes here or visit the Discord server if you are interested in joining us. We look forward to having you in our guild!

[ Myrmidons ]
Guild Stats as of 05/01/17:
Members: 28/30
Guild Level: 75
Guild Rank: 768
League: Elite IV (+180% Daily Bonus)
Tasks: 9/12 + 1 or 2 complete
Seals: 30k+
Guild War bracket: 31 (301-310)


We’re looking for 1 more active player! 1000 seals/week and guild wars participation needed.

[ Myrmidons ]
Guild Stats as of 05/17/17:
Members: 29/30
Guild Level: 85
Guild Rank: 669
League: Elite V (+190% Daily Bonus)
Tasks: 9/12
Seals: 30k+
Guild War bracket: 24