My Unstoppable team! Max Health!

My take on maxing out a team. Humilty, Lady Anariel, Alchemist, and Draakulis. Alchemist to get Humility’s abilty ready then use it with blue or purple gems for Lady Anariel or red and brown to loop Alchemist ability. So humilty will proc magic buff if your lucky and ive gotten my Lady Anariel magic to buff 102 life. Alchemist to gain 135 gold which is pointless. And Draakulis to hit for 209 life steal from all enemies which should be a 1 shot kill for enemy team. Once this team gets going its invincible and to max my health it took about 30 mins. if you dont want to max out for fun this team still works great and wins a lot of pvp pretty easily. Enjoy this team guys and gals!


One problem; if you run into a devour troop and he eats your team, you are POOPED my friend. He’ll be the unstoppable one. Unless you have troops that give a devourer indigestion, I do not recommed this team.


Get lady Anariel and Achemist’s Armor to under 20, then Shadow hunter will one shot Draak.

A devour troop can be focused and killed early on and there are several ways around that kind of troop with this team so I still highly recommend this team. I would never let a devour troop live long enough to let it eat a troop with maxed stats. Great Maw is easily killed in my opinion, maybe Black Beast might be trouble but again this games makes PVP easy and there’s not many good defensive teams you actually go against. Also you can always choose not to fight a devour team. So i see no problem at least not at my skill level.

Shadow Hunter would in fact be trouble but that’s only if you let that enemy live long enough to one shot. Most of the time my Draakulis get magic buffed to 30 ish life steal for all enemies and becomes a tank and bypasses the armor so after a couple turns the enemies dead.