My Thoughts on the 2.0 PVP

After playing the 2.0 for a few days and spending considerably more time playing than I normally commit to one week of play, I have come to these conclusions:

The honor and money rewards are substantially better. In the old PVP system, I was collecting three honor and about 400ish coin per game that I won. In 2.0, three honor is a base, and I get upwards of double that on most battles. Coin has jumped up about double, and I have many battles that give upwards of 1200 coin. Add that by selecting opponents, I almost always win the matched, those rewards have been substantially improved.

On the other hand, gem rewards have ground to a halt. In a week of play, I have earned approximately five gems total through chest openings from the keys I have obtained from PVP. The old PVP system, I was collecting about twenty gems a week from PVP having played less than what I played this week since 2.0 came out. In order to make up that difference, I would have to at least finish in the top 20, which just isn’t going to happen, considering that I am currently ranked 6,276 in spite of being in Tier 1 with a personal rating of 2,107. At the current rate, it will be fairly difficult for me to reach the top 1,000 players, much less that top 20. This might change over time, since there are probably a lot of people playing the week of the 2.0 release.

Soul rewards seem approximately equivalent. I have collected about 2,000 souls.

I am assuming that the changes to treasure map were made to offset the loss in gems from the new PVP system. I say that I am assuming, because I really haven’t put any time into treasure maps this week due to my focus on PVP. I am not really certain at this time that treasure maps do provide more gem output. That will require some time put into running them. I hope it is that case that they provide more gems, because otherwise, my progression towards the top tier of armor has just been stretched out considerably.


PVP system as I see it:

The good
more coin
more glory
ability to choose opponents
more wins

The not so good
fewer gems
will require lots more effort to get to the top rewards

approximately the same soul output.

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I think you’re analysis is pretty spot on. One thing to bear in mind is that the devs goofed and are giving out Gold Keys instead of Glory Keys for the tier rewards. That should bring even more Gems, Gold, and Glory, as well as better cards.

As I’ve said elsewhere, the Tier Rewards are overall way better… So long as you play 50+ battles per week. You don’t even need to rank in the top 1000 for this to be true.

One other thing that I don’t think has been pointed out: The Ranked Rewards at the top are absolutely worth the grind. If you think about how much time it would take to monotonously grind challenges for 3-11 Traitstones then the PvP is total worth it. You get way more resources along the way and it’s far more enjoyable than grinding the exact same battle over and over.

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Gold and souls have been decreased in TH but you will not notice it until you make red chests and vaults.

What system are you playing on? All I got was Glory Keys.

The fix was patched in silently within 24 hours of the patch launch.

Mobile. You on PC? They pushed out a hotfix for PC pretty fast that fixed a bunch of issues.

Yep, on PC.

I posted the following on Steam where people were complaining about the ranking system. This continues to expand on my current thoughts on the PVP system.

My recommendation is to forget about the overall ranking if it bothers you. For my part, I have put in the effort to get to rank 101. For that feat, I will earn an amazing 3000 coin and 500 souls, providing I play enough to stay in that position. I really don’t see that happening. In fact, in the time it has taken me to type this paragraph, I have dropped to rank 160.

In order to get any gems or traitstones, I would have had to put in about twice the effort I have to get here. There are substantially easier ways to get traitstones and gems in the game than fighting for them with players that are committed enough to grind many hours in the game.

Note: The rewards I quoted above is substantially less than the tier rewards I earned getting to tier 1.

My recommendation is to not worry about being ranked. The rank rewards are just not sufficient to make the time investment worth while. Get your tier rewards. They are better than the tier rewards in the previous version, then play whatever matches you want for fun.

On the other hand, the money and glory rewards for playing ranked matches have been substantially increased in 2.0. The are probably twice as good as the previous version. I would say that just playing the matches provides a nice reward in the form of money and gems. Since you can pick and choose your matches, you really should be winnning just about every game.

On the subject of defensive teams, my team wins about 20% of it’s matches. I looked at the leaderboard, because I was concerned about my win rate. Surprise of surprises, the rank 1 player’s deck wins less than 10% of it’s matches.

Here’s a little surprise for you. If you aren’t so worried about your rank, then you can make a defensive team to lose for profit. Why do you say? When you win a matched against someone who beat your team, you get defense bonus which amounts to three glory per game and either 45 souls or 3000 coin per five games. When you win 60 of these matches, you get an event key and more goodies. These rewards are substantially better than the rewards I would get from being a ranked player.


Agree with every word here, Reliankur.