My souls needs help. (How many do i need?)

There are different rarities of cards, but i am wondering how many souls does each rarity need at base to full level for its base rarity?

Well unfortunately I don’t have many cards left to fully level from one…

But from what I see a single card costs:

Common - 3783 (toad)
Epic - 5245 (hag)
Legendary - 5855 (autumnal imp)
Mythic - 7930 (Ketras)

I don’t have any blue or green cards left to level unfortunately.

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Leveling a Common to 15 = 2275 souls. To 20 = 4365 souls
Leveling a Rare to 16 = 2835 souls. To 20 = 4885 souls
Leveling an Ultra-Rare to 17 = 3565 souls. To 20 = 5465 souls
Leveling an Epic to 18 = 4545 souls. To 20 = 6145 souls
Leveling a Legendary to 19 = 5855 souls. To 20 = 6855 souls
Leveling a Mythic to 20 = 7930 souls.


Why does epic have that huge jump and take almost as many souls as a mythic?

Where do you see a huge jump? They look pretty linear to me.

Ah, you altered it.

I only changed the Legendary to lvl20 number, which was obviously wrong (typo). I didn’t touch the Epic or Mythic numbers, they are still the same as when I first posted.

I saw the jump being epic 6kish then legendary 5kish

btw @Lyya’s site - shows exactly how many of each need to be gotten for the current level they are. It’s quite handy

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i did not know this. @lyya thank you for the help and service!