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My Son Needs A Guild

My 9 year old son is wanting to play. How much does he play? Well he has only done the tutorial so far … but he asked me to find a nice guild for him. I will say I do monitor everything he says or what others say to him. I do take a very active role in that. So the guild needs to be PG and friendly. I will say his activity won’t be that high. Though if anyone that knows me has a guild or a friends guild I’d prefer that most over a random other guild. He asked to join Vendetta but the requirements will just be too much for him. But trying to find him a nice guild. So if you think he could learn and grow with you. Please leave a reply here. Thanks <3

Hi it’s Druss from Gems when your son is next on try the globe chat,just say your looking for a friendly Guild you will get a few offers.

So, ummm, why don’t you play the game?
It’s a kid friendly game, but most players I think have kids of their own. Pretty soon it may be “My turn mommy!”

Also, though you can probably block chat in PS4 settings, just changing the main chat channel from 001 to another number will cut down on all of it.

She does play the game, but her guild is a bit competitive for her son.

Good suggestion on the chat - my wife does the same just so she doesn’t see the nonsense that goes on while the devs are sleeping.

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@Stan Yes I do -smiles- And yes its a bit more than he can do. Just think it would be fun for him to play.

@UKresistance Good idea for global chat was more thinking of guild chat. As I want him to feel he can talk to his guild members not be isolated from them. So wanting a guild that’s a bit more PG, so I don’t have to be paranoid of the language.

As a ending note he says he found a guild. So I’ll see how long he actually plays for … heh

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We will take him. We have tons of help available. PM me at spicysalsaverde and we will get him in.

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Just reading previous posts. We have several kids in our guild ages 10-13. Our guild is family friendly and the adults are pretty great about checking their adultness. I