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My new favorite team works on almost anything

I’ve had teams that win most matches… providing that I avoid certain opponents.
This new team only needs to avoid the freeze trait and it’s unstoppable.

Queen Mab

It uses no brown but, treant and valkyrie both can make them all disappear.

Since Queen mab increases her power with every magic use, I try to cycle using all the powers as much as possible.
For example, I will not match 4 blues if Valkyrie’s power is ready.
I’ll use it to get the extra turn, power up Mab and help keep the board filled with blue.

Obviously, it is useful to leave the blues, yellow and purple (for mercy) and only match when there is no other option.
Greens are the best gems to transform with Valkyrie, followed by red.

Treant will grow in attack power and keeps getting more armor to last a very long time. Mercy will heal it too, since it’ll eventually be the lowest in health. So treant can take care of those impervious and mana shielded foes very quickly.
I usually use Treant’s power a few times but, keep it charged after, so not to interfere with charging mab.

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My team works great 90% of time.

Emperor Khorvash
Crimson Bat
I obviously use Valkyrie to fill in blue mana for the other troops. Both Khorvash and Crimson Bat are big true damage killers, making my job a whole lot easier. I rarely use Death though, I only cast his spell once maybe twice just to get occasional death mark kills.

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I beat full 10 kd lvl mythic teams with sorceror black manacles, soothsayer, terraxis, sylvanimora.

But to mix things up building multiple diff teams that will probably president trump even that team. :slight_smile:
Thing is, even teams that arent that good can win in pvp because ‘newsflashos’ you start and that means you’re always ahead.

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Yes, there are many teams that can beat powerful opponents but some are very slow and others can be hit or miss.
Like many, I enjoy making new teams often and I really like this one for its versatility.

About starting first; it can mean an unsurmountable advantage in many cases and nothing at all in many other matches.

How many times have you started with only a 3 match of a color that is not a priority for you, only to leave a long cascade for the AI on their first turn? It happens and throws away the “first turn advantage” in a hurry.

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You could have stopped with the first troop. :slight_smile: