My luck tonight is just astounding

I had to work all day Saturday and most of the day Sunday, so I got home tonight and decided to try to power through the new delve. On my third attempt at the last delve I realized I was finally going to beat it and was so excited!!

Obviously I got too excited because the game promptly said NOPE. In disbelief I looked at my watch…2 am on the dot. Missed it by mere seconds. RIP.


Aw man that’s bad. Totally feel your pain. I fell asleep at my console during the late stages of lyrasza and missed out in blissful ignorance until about 10am the following morning.

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I feel your pain, it took me 14 attempts to get it done , I had 500 done on Friday , lol

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Dayum, that’s rough. The wasted time and gems. Dayum.