My Idea on Chest Rewards and how it could workout

Ok first off it is to my knowledge the drops are automatically given by a percentage rate and not done manually by humans which is awesome! Ok so here my thoughts on how the rewards in CHESTS could/should be. (Gold Chest rewards only have Common and Rare Troops, minor Trait stones, and glory, gold, Souls, and gems for Resources.) (Glory Chest rewards only have Ultra-Rare and Epic Troops, Runic and Arcane Trait stones, gems, glory, gold, Souls for Resources.) (Gem Chest have Legendary Troops, Ultra-Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic Ingots, Celestial Trait stones.) (Event Chest have everything going on in the events.) (V.I.P. Chest just have Mythic Troops and have a random number from any reward in the game like dragonite or scrolls you know ANY REWARD in the game.) (Guild chest have orbs of Clan and Major orb of clans, reward us guild gifts so we can give them to our guildmates, gold, gems, random number of guild seals be nice too.) (Shiny Chest should have tokens for our hero to shine lol) That’s my thoughts on chest rewards try to have the % rate for all rewards evened out equally with different rewards. That way we get a chance to get something new. :grinning: