My guild just vanished!

Could somepony please tell me why my guild Equestrian Conquest just poofed out of existence? I need that guild back so I can keep benefiting from the mana statue bonuses, guild tasks and above all else, the login bonuses. I can’t lose this guild; I’ve had it for almost a year and a half.

See the following

There’s a glitch being caused by the new update. They’re in the the process of trying to fix it right now. Hopefully it’ll be sorted out soon! :grinning:

Salty mentioned that if once the update goes live, make sure to restart your game/console. Once you’ve logged back in after the update, if your situation hasn’t been fixed, they ask that you submit a support ticket to get it fixed.

Oh wow you guys work fast! Was just about to reply. It’s as quoted above, the new update is going live now so make sure to restart your game and this problem should be fixed.

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Why DID that happen anyway?

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