My Guild has forsaken me

Hi all,

Newbie here that was in a guild for the first two weeks of playing. They mentioned a merger and now I seem to be Guildless and with no messages so I assume I have been abandoned, woe is me.

I play a fair bit each day, and can contribute a bit of gold though am still working on my Kingdoms. Playing on Android. Level 81, main team Khorvash, Valk, Soothsayer, Poison Master. Not sure what other info I need in my application form so just let me know :slight_smile:

Thankyou for your time

you could mention your current level and how much you can contribute in gold /seals / trophies per week, that is a usefull information :wink:

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Ok thanks, updated my level. I used to contribute 20k gold to get a trophy but outside of that the previous guild said just work on Kingdoms so I didn’t do much more than that.

I didn’t get the invite yet either. Give the guild leader a chance to get the email. Patience is a virtue, after all. :slight_smile:

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Ah Ok, assume it happened ovbernight for me (in UK) and also now been awake four hours and no message so assumed it had all be finished. Will wait then :slight_smile:

you can join my guild if you want we need a few moor good members like you…
If you give me your invite code i can get you in @Dragon Slayer’s

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Thanks NuMasis. I will wait the rest of the day to see if I get an invite from the current merge. If not I will send you my invite code. Thanks again :slight_smile:

ok will wait to hear from you then herman

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Yeah I figured I’d give it about a day or so before looking for a different guild. Guess we’ll see what happens.

Did you guys get this sorted or do you still need a guild?
If you want to join me still please provide your invite codes and i will get you in.

Cheers, NuMasIs