My guild chests won't upgrade

As per title.

I amass enough guild seals to go up in chest upgrades but, nothing is happening.

I bank 2500+ but no upgrade. I use my 2500+ to open chests, total drops but no upgrade.

i.e. I am still at “start” but I have enough seals to upgrade to chest * or chest ** etc.

Am I not doing something correctly?

What are you expecting to happen that isn’t happening? When you “upgrade” the Chest each week it only changes which rarities of cards are possible.

Also, a single player can only claim 1,500 seals a week (unless you’re also using real money to purchase extra seals) so one player won’t even be able to reach the first Chest upgrade by themselves (since it resets each week).

The second part of your reply seems to be the answer I was looking for.

I guess I need to allow other members to my guild instead of just family.

Otherwise I will only ever collect rubbish cards!

Thx for the reply.


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Actually, being part of a good guild is worth way more than just upgrading the rarity of the chests. If you’re part of a guild which finishes all the tasks each week, you’ll receive a tonne of stuff. Specifically, 590 Gems, 42 Event Keys, 360 Glory, 63 Gem Keys, 316 Glory Keys, 5900 Souls, 670 Gold Keys, and 9 Maps. If you want to advance more quickly in this game, being part of a good/active guild is critical. Good luck!