My first Jewel dragon and its not okay

I have bought the daily dragonite since the update, on saturday i got my first dragonite from dungeons {82}. So today i got the the troop above. It sucks for all the players that the dragonite has so low chances to be free.


Congrats on the new card. I feel ya though. I haven’t gotten a perfect run yet, so still sitting at 0 Dragonite as I haven’t bought and of the gem offers. It’s just not sustainable for one, but even if I had nothing but perfect runs I would hate that I was getting something for free when others would need hundreds of dollars worth of gems to get the same cards


A week ago, people were saying this was a good update and they loved working towards this.



So many RNG based rewards in the game already they should rename it to “Gems of Vegas”, and now we just got a slot machine!


I’ve gotten 1 perfect run so far. Like most of the offers for currency, its incredibly overpriced for the amount needed for anything. 300 gems for 60 Dragonite, if you never get a perfect run, you need to buy this 9 times, 2700 gems, to get 500 dragonite to craft 1 egg.

Like all the offers in the game, its overpriced for what it offers and unless you have money to burn it isn’t worth buying. The so called “deal” for diamonds is a joke. 100 gems for 15 diamonds? The Gem Bounty offer gives you 20 diamonds for 50 gems and you get extras. So spending 100 for 15 is down right stupid. Even the dungeon daily deal for $5 is better, seeing as $5 can buy you 100 gems. So buying the dungeon daily deal for $5 (equivalent to 100 gems) gets you 50 diamonds and extras.

For 15 diamonds, that should be at most 25 gems when compared to the other deals. For 100 gems that should be at least 50+ diamonds. Same goes for the cursed runes and dragonite. Those gem prices should be 1/3 of what they are being charged at for them to actually be of any value.


Yes. Getting all 7 dragons will cost a minimum of 30,000 Gems if all of your Dragonite comes from the Dungeon Shop (300 Gems for 60 Dragonite).

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15000 minimum gems for the first 6 Dragon Eggs is not extremely bad

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but that is the problem…the AVERAGE person will take 36750 gems to get the first 6 dragons…more than half of the people playing will take more. There will be MANY who will take 50,000 plus just to get the base 6 troops. This is extremely bad.

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imagine how long it may take getting the 5th or 6th dragon for quite some.

Can easily drain someone for over 100k gems… and lets not talk about the time it may take…


So is that troop even worth it? And the final big Dragon? Diamantina I think…

Short answer:

Diamantina: yes. Its basically Phoenicia, but 6 colors and occasionally gets an extra turn.

My favorite use with the Dragons is combining their 3rd trait + destroy gem troops like Marilith, Bogstrider, Angry Mob, Thrall for battles that need more than 1 cast to win. Getting 8-10 Magic on those troops feels really good and snowballs quickly. One day we’ll get destroy gem troops for Yellow and Blue that isn’t destroy all gems of one color.

Rubirath: Yes
Emeraldrin: Yes
Garnetaerlin: Yes
Amethialas: Mostly Yes
Topasarth: Mostly Yes, but below purple
Sapphirax: My last pick… not a fan currently. Could go nicely with Sycorax though.

(personal opinion)


This is insane! Korean random! The week between crafting.

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wow duplicates stright away? So hurtful…