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My first Invasion, questions

Sir Mordayne isn’t stealing 6 mana when I use his ability against a tower. Are they protected somehow?
Should each tower count toward toward the total number of towers destroyed or do you get credit for a destroyed tower once the fight is over and all 4 have been beaten?

Thank you.

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The towers are invulnerable. So therefore can’t be Mana drained. Siegebreakers have casts like that to make them “useful” outside of Invasions. Despite it not being useful against Towers themselves.

So long as you finish the match without a retreat, then each tower destroyed will count, even if you lose the match.

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Towers have the Invulnerable trait.


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Aha! Thanks for pointing out the invulnerability of the towers.

As far as getting credit for only 1 destroyed tower after beating 4 in one fight, what could be going wrong?

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Depending on where you are in the event there could only be 1 tower. There are 3 fights with 0 towers, 6 fights with 1 tower, 6 with 2, 6 with 3, and then they will all be 4.

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I’m in stage 8 beating 4 in every fight. My guild’s ‘towers destroyed’ reward counter only goes up by 1 as does the crown icon in the stage 8 block.

Check your leaderboard. The number next to the crown is the tower level.

Your towers defeated should be in a multiplier of 4 assuming you havnt lost any and should go up by 4 every time.

I’ll do that. Thank you very much Redi1, I appreciate it!