My account was mistakenly thought to have been cheated.But it's not the truth!

Due to the fracture of my finger, I tried to play games with the simulator for a while. The virtual key function is also used because the two fingers cannot play the game normally. But after that, I was used to playing with the other hand. After that, I will continue to try my best to play the game with one hand.

I am not sure that this game does not allow the use of virtual keys or mouse macros. I am sorry for this. Please forgive my mistake this time. Please allow me to request to unlock my account.

Thank you very much.

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I have submitted the support three times. I don’t know when I will get a reply.

Three support requests? You might want to close two of them, flooding them with extra work is unlikely to help your case.

Ban appeals usually end up near the bottom of the work pile. If it’s your first infringement you’ll likely get your account back, just don’t expect a response this week.

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I have withdrawn two of them.

So, how long is it?It doesn’t seem to be too difficult.

I wouldn’t know. It’s not about this being difficult in any way, it’s about how important this is compared to other tickets that require their attention. They’ll probably want to help all those players first that didn’t get off on the wrong foot with the terms of service.

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The use of macros isn’t permitted as its seen to be gaining an advantage. The anti cheat will of picked up that you were using a macro or auto clicker and then your account gets reviewed by a team member to confirm.

Ban appeals are unfortunately very low priority to ensure customer support is provided first to those who have followed terms of service (sorry that sounds harsh, just trying to say it straight to the point so you aren’t frustrated by the slow responses)


Unfortunately, as you have found out, any sort of accessibility aide for people who need physical accommodation is prohibited in this game.

Warning mean opinion by someone who has special needs: Thats stupid they should make it accessible. I play touch screen on my switch but even with Having TD my hands will shake uncontrollably. TD is uncontrollable muscule movements. sometimes making it impossible to play the game. plus using the thumb pad to play sucks cause I can’t see the dot that is suppose to show when using joysticks/ thumb pads.