MVP uncanny screenshots thread

Let’s put up our MVP screens, with either outrageous stats, or featuring an uncanny troop.

I will start with this very loving Imp:


May I present - Tai Pan, the amazing Spellmaster! Watch out, Ladies and Gentlemen!

(Edit: Fwiw, I think he actually did a lot of Skull damage, as the front troop in a Doomed Blade team - although I could be wrong, since he died - so it feels like there may be something a little buggy going on :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.)

Also just really curious - “1 or less Life”?


Probably a text thing.
Like rank 1 is 10 or less life, rank 2 5 or less, so rank 3 it’s 1, but they kept the « or less » text.

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Willow is such a nice and peaceful horse.
Yet, I turned him into an inciteful murderer.

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I’m pretty sure the mvp is chosen at random and not really most valuable. I’m perplexed as to why this was even needed or wanted in game.


The real buggy one is Lucky.

Anyone, i’m still interested to see what people can come up with, from MVP Firebombs to outrageous damage stats, etc.

The MVP is never the hero, and is only done in regular PvP, so you can’t get fake stats!

When you kill only your allies… You da real MVP.


No MVP here.

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That is the screen I got too when I tried the hero alone.


A prolific thief…

Not sure i’d ask a Master Destroyer to go and steal me some precious eggs… :grin:

Also, what does it mean for you team when your Archmage is basically a guy that throws random boulders…

Definitely not Gandalf or Merlin here.


Somebody had to do it.

And this.


We need Roc as an Archmage

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I actually like this screen but I think it should intentionally NOT choose an MVP that is all 0s. This is 90% of my results:

If a troop can get an ‘achievement’ for doing a thing, that thing should be part of the displayed stats so it doesn’t look like they’re the MVP of sleeping through the battle.

Fire Bomb clearly does all the heavy lifting for me.


Another exemple of stats missing: exactly how much healing was done here, because only showing stats are zero:

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Thanks this is missing!

Another exemple.
The screen could be fun to compare stats, or just boast.

But we lack details. Here:

It would be way more interesting to see exactly how much armor was given

Here is another.
Of course, you can guess the match was not going too well, but i managed to win by raining monkeys!

The MVP would be so much better if you could see how many monkeys came. It’s well over 6…