"Muting" Categories

I’d discovered the means to keep my eyes on the categories that I feel are relevant to me and to “mute” those that are not. Some of these categories pertain to anything to do with the Playstation 4 or X-Box since I do not use either; my source for playing the game is PC, so I don’t see the need to keep track of posts that do not pertain to such.

Anyway, I’d been “muting” those categories, but I still find that I’m getting some posts that are either “new” or “unread” for Playstation/X-Box on my list.

Please note that I wasn’t sure whether to place this here or under Support, so my apologies if this isn’t where I should be putting this comment/topic.

I’d like to know why it seems categories that I’d muted still show up with topics that are either “new” or “unread”. Thank you.

Are the posts you’re seeing ones you viewed before you muted the whole category?

You may have to dismiss those specific posts if the board still thinks you were following them. This is what I needed to do when I first stopped watching the Fantasy Series, that I had followed for a while.


Any topic you visit, even once, won’t be accounted for when muting a category.

At the bottom of each topic you’ll see a little menu button that looks like this:

Click it and choose the Muted option to stop seeing it. (You’ll need to do this for each topic individually.)

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Also if you’ve bookmarked any threads, that will override the mute. Eg I’ve got my guild’s recruiting thread bookmarked, so I see posts in there, despite having the guild recruitment section muted.

I’m guessing this doesn’t apply in this situation, but it’s worth noting in case.

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Coolll! Thanks much, everyone!!! I will fix that with the Tracking, as mentioned.

Muchly appreciated, fellas.

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