Must craft troops/weapons order


which troops/weapons do you think are the first 5-10 to must craft? I assume that farming troops like TDS or Pharos-Ra are the first one, aren’t they?


The two most influential troops in the game are Pharos-Ra and Infernus. I think you should craft Infernus first, out of the two.

Pharos-Ra is the best soul farmer, yes, but it is later in the game when you’ll be relentlessly farming souls. I’m just past level 1090 and I only started feeling like I “needed” to farm souls around level 800 or so. Even so, a team that gets about 200 souls via explore is sufficient for what I do, and if I want to farm for Dawnbringer THAT is when I’ll use Pharos-Ra. I really regret crafting P-R as my first craft.

Infernus is a powerhouse for PvP and competitions, which are how you get rewards for just about everything that isn’t souls. Every time I have trouble, and ask for team help, Infernus teams are all over the place. It’s what I’m saving to craft right now.

Beneath those two, TDS is most important, and probably worth crafting before your first mythic but it’s a tough call. TDS is on both my PvP team and my current “soul farming” team. When I go traitstone farming I’m expecting to play 100+ matches, so making 40+ souls per match is plenty adequate.

From there, it’s a matter of playing PvP and watching what troops seem to make up the majority of teams you face. Here’s some quick takes, some of them aren’t really “craftable” but probably worth blowing summon stones on:

  • Titania is a powerhouse.
  • Hellcat is a hero.
  • Sunbird is key to what I think is a better farming team than Elspeth.
  • The Worldbreaker pairs really well with… just about everything.
  • Psion takes a lot of support but is miserably strong.
  • Famine has few natural counters.