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Must be doing something wrong

I’m at level 29 with no gold income no soul to make my troops better, no valkyrie and already completed 3 Kingdom quests. Is there any guide or tip for me? Thanks =)

When I was level 29, I made a team that I felt was as strong as it could be, and did PvP battles. Also, make sure to join a guild, even if it’s just ones you can auto join, for the free gem masteries for more mana surges. If you go to youtube and look up tacet the dragon (I think that’s the name) he has a few videos using common cards. Anyway, once you get a decent team and start playing pvp, you can spend $$$ on kingdoms, or gold chests. A lot of people say not to spend money on gold chests, but IMO you need to spend it on gold chests until you get valkyrie. Once you get valkyrie, farm for the traitstones you need for her, and build a team around her. Also, you should do the forest of thorns questline to get the hero from that area, who is quite strong. Combine her with Luther and valkyrie actually is a pretty good team. You can add in skeleton, and you have all 6 colors covered, a strong caster in Rowanne, souls from Valkyrie, and skulls created by skeleton.

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Tacet has a playlist of helpful videos for new players:

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Also unlock zhul’ khari for the treasure hunt minigame. It will help you a lot.


To add on to this, once you unlock Zhul’Kari, do the questline. You get Tyri at the end and you get a 20% chance at a treasure map every time you uae her spell.

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Use free gems from guild tasks to Buy assassin armor for 50 gems and Also collect daily login as after a week it builds up.
Try to get these cards Templar tyri valkrie warhound as this is a good farming team for maps, souls, traitstones on the first challenge in forest of thorns.

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Thanks everyone. I’ll do those and revert in a week or so to inform my progress.


Arena is a nice place to get some resources.

Oh man no need for a week using tyri and getting sweet bonuses from the treasure hunt. Quick question, should I invest in leveling Tyri?

Yes 10 characters

Tyri is a nice second slot character. She is especially good if you have a troop that does a lot of damage per cast, that you can charge with her.

If you are on Xbox, you are welcome to join my guild. I will answer any questions you have and get you on the right path :slight_smile:

Thanks for the invite sadly I’m on Ps4.
Minor Update : got valkyrie yay!!!

Yes, HOWEVER early on you only need to level her up to increase her Magic skill. Get Tyri to a point that when casting Treasure Hunt she completely refills her Mana.


Leveling her is fine. But, I wouldn’t waste resources on her traits. They aren’t needed to be effective with farming.

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Funnily enough, Tacet actually recently made a video mentioning Tyri’s not a troop worth traiting.
What timing!

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I just leveled her to level 7 so I assume it’s not a big investment for mid game (for me it was expensive but I assume 500 is nothing later on, but she was dying a lot)
I am now focusing on Valkyrie level and traits

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I am now lvl 33 farming souls with
Hero - blue weapon
Alchemist - Lvl 10
Valkyrie - Lvl 16 (1st and 2nd trait)
Banshee - Lvl 10

Should I invest in getting the 3rd Trait of Valk or get the others (Banshee and Alchemist) which ones aren’t worth to get?