Music volume set very high on start, ignores prior settings

The Sound settings work, but not the Music setting.

My PC volume can be quite loud, this is an issue for my ears, my heart, my speakers, and my family.
Please help.

This is the new Unity/PC/Steam environment.

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It won’t remember the setting if you turn it to off/0 but turn it just one notch up and it seems to remember… obvious bug in new build in obvious test case…

I’m seeing the opposite - music stays off but sound is always at default when i restart

I’ll try that, thanks.

The problem with the music is that it auto plays VERY loud on my PC system while I frantically scramble to fix it. At least the Sound could only “beep” once.

You can shut the volume off via Windows, and it’ll stay off. With Gems running, right-click the speaker icon in the Windows system tray, click Open Volume Mixer, find the column for Gems, and click the speaker icon at the bottom to mute the app. It’ll stay muted until you turn it back.

Yeah the sound is very loud also on console. For other game i need to put the volume at 20 but for GOW i only put it at 5 and it’s still loud