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Multiple Guild Events in the same week kind of suck

I’m someone who supports the game with my wallet, but I play in a guild where many people are free to play. I typically have more gems available to spend than most of my guildmates.

This week we had Council of Chiefs, which offered rewards that cannot be completed by most guilds. In the past, my guild has completed every weekly event. We are far from a top-ranked guild, sitting around #350 or so at the moment, but that has always been enough to complete events (driven mainly by the portion of the guild that spends more deeply on the shop tiers than the f2p players).

This week, we also have a guild event on the weekend (Invasion), and because it is a 2nd guild event in the same week, most people in my guild can’t afford to invest more than a couple of tiers. I buy to Tier 7 every event, often multiple times. There is no reasonable number times that I could buy Tier 7 that would allow my guild to finish the weekend event. This means that this week I have spent several thousand gems on these two events, and I will not be collecting a Major Orb from either.

I’m not interested in moving to a more active guild in order to complete events under the new paradigm. If the weekend event had been an individual event, I would have completed it, and I would have received something in return for my investment. This is going to sound like a familiar refrain, but I can’t help but feel as though the devs either (1): have really given very little thought to how their decisions are impacting the players or (2): they have given thought to it, and they don’t care.

Having Council of Chiefs’ rewards be so much more difficult to achieve might have been an innocent miscalculation, but I don’t think so. I think it was an intentional decision to require virtually everyone in a guild to buy to Tier 6 or 7. Having Invasion on the weekend might have been the result of careless design, but I don’t think so. I think it was an intentional decision designed to create a further gem sink, in order to drive spending.

When there is a guild event, there is some degree of pressure (even if it comes from the within the player, rather than from his/her guild) to spend, because you’re not just supporting yourself. If this weekend had been a Bounty Event or a new Faction Event or a new Class Event, then every player in a guild would have the option of not spending on one or more of those without feeling that they’d failed to support their guild.

I really feel as though the actions of the devs this week have either been a chain of innocent, but unfortunate mistakes, or else a vile campaign to hyper-monetize the game. I hate to say it, but my money is on vile.


Splitting your post into multiple paragraphs would greatly improve its readability and thus its reception.

The weekend guild events are actually good for the player because they provide more opportunities to gain their rewards and a portion of these may be gained while spending zero gems. Because weekend events only take ~500 gems to complete, we now have the option of spending what we used to for the same rewards or spending more for twice the rewards. This is good for players!

Midlevel guilds and below already struggle with completing all rewards so you really think having another event for guild members to not do will affect them? For the rest of us, the developers are giving us another opportunity to earn more orbs each week.

The weekend invasion event’s score reqs, however, are a problem. It is reasonable and expected that two major orbs a week from guild events should be very expensive but the price of one cannot be so when it was historically 500 gems.

EDIT: Some players are reporting that only T4 is necessary to complete the event. This renders this issue a non-issue.

If the weekend event were an individual event, struggling guilds would still have the opportunity to not complete the rewards.

This is exactly what it is. I bought T6 in CoC and unless I get some VERY generous results from my sigils on Saturday & Sunday, I won’t hit the “1/30” contribution that is needed to finish the event.

T6 costs 1350 Gems. Previous weekly events required an average of T4, which costs 500 Gems.

Greater Orbs just got (to quote another user) Epic Task’d.

So, I’ve already spent 1350 Gems this week, and now my “share” of Invasion involves spending another 500. On what planet is it even reasonable to expect each guild member to increase their Gem spend from 500 to 1350/1850 in order to contribute a “fair” share?

I am really, really frustrated by this. My guild can’t support that activity level, so now in addition to losing LTs, we’re going to lose Greater Orbs. Losing LTs is essentially a function of playtime, since Gold is infinitely grindable. Losing Greater Orbs is a function of cash. Period.

Whoever at 505/IP2 decided this was reasonable needs to go step on a bunch of Legos while barefoot. Repeatedly.

Just think - when Raid Boss and Tower of Doom are retired to weekend events, we’ll potentially be facing 3 double-guild-event weeks per month.

The expected spend for guild events will have gone from 1500 Gems per month to 5450 Gems per month (1350x3 + 500x3) and doesn’t count the people who would need to buy T7 during the full-week events in order to counter cruddy RNG stopping them from hitting their “1/30” contribution. It has already been established that T6 isn’t necessarily enough due to all the degrees of RNG.



Last night when it was clear that nothing was going to change in regards to Coc.
I straight up advised by 5 guilds to ignore the World Event. Be satisfied with the current Portal rewards and focus on Invasions.
I might have a guild finish all 12 portals. But if I do it’s because they used gems to give this event a try and to see how horrible it truly is. And if they don’t… That’s okay too…

Clearly this event was designed for those who are willing to spend thousands of gems on an event. What they lacked was the foresight to realize that portal rewards aren’t a good enough incentive to spend the gems.

Those who need that Major orb don’t have enough gems to throw at Coc.
Those who have the gems don’t need the major orb.
Resulting in by far the worst designed guild event ever conceived. A huge miss on what appears to be a habitual habit as of late.


I spent double the amount of gems I normally would spent to get some sigils in both events and the event weapons (I’m a completionist and save up for other forge items like mythics).
Even being at home all week which let’s me harvest more tribute, I’ve barely collected enough gems to recover from this. At this rate there is no saving for gem or event keys.
Not a nice development.