Multiple accounts on same ps4

Currently have 4 GoW accounts on the same ps4 (me, partner and 2 kids) and was in the process of setting up a 5th as the youngest now wants to play but I’m getting a server error when loading the game. The 4 established accounts seem to be fine but the 5th won’t get past the loading screen. Is this to do with the server problems or is there some sort of cap on multiple accounts from same ip to stop spammers or something?

I think it’s just the servers; you’ve already explained that you have different people with different accounts so you’re good on that front. You’d be screwed if it were one person on multiple accounts or multiple people on one.

OK, he’ll just have to wait :frowning: we are all in my guild as well (safety reasons etc) so hope that doesn’t cause any issues.

I agree with @PowerPlay that it’s likely just the servers. If you’re worried about the multiple IP etc you can submit a ticket to be sure.

You can submit a ticket here:

Console is also supported by 505Games, and you can submit a ticket to them here:

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Hey @Yourmum,

We have been working hard to try and track down this issue for creating new accounts. Could you please try creating the new account again and let us know if it is working?


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Seems to have worked! Thanks for whatever you did.