Multicolored Gemstones that can be matched or paired together?

Now that we have 6 distinct colors - Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Purple, Brown, I have come to a new conclusion. Multicolored Gemstones may be needed.

There should be several known types:

For example: (one gem could consist of two or more gem colors)
Brown/Yellow - Can be matched by Brown or Yellow.
Brown/Yellow/Red - Can be matched by Brown, Yellow or Red.
Super Gem - Multicolored Gem (all 6 colors) - Can be matched by any color to make a match.
etc. - etc.

Special Circumstances: (Limitations - To not make things too unstable or overpowered.)

  • Mana surge should not count with such matches.
  • Color increase or mana gain should be adjusted accordingly to compensate.
  • Such gems should be rare enough in % to make things more interesting, but not broken, etc.

Your thoughts on this, @Kafka and @Cyrup?


Puzzle Quest had this feature, I believe it was a percentage chance to create a “wildcard” gem on certain types of matches. The percent chance could be leveled up, but wilds never skydropped on their own. As I said somewhere else recently those old PQ 1-on-1 battles were way different dynamics than modern GoW though, it might be harder to balance how it works in this environment. (Edit: for example imagine the ish/qilin/dart/rabbit mass-converting meta PLUS wilds…:frowning:)

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I suppose so. Maybe this feature should exist in a different game mode where you would need to capture something, like a pet or creating a weapon, similar to Puzzle Quest. Just a thought, even if it will never happen, this could be implemented in such game modes, similar like you get Blocks only in Delves.


Agree, a capture mechanic could be neat


At first glance it might look like a good idea but if you think it through it isn’t really.
Now there are six colors if you want gems with two colors you need 15 more, if you want tree colors that number goes up again and so on…
This makes the board of 8x8 wil get to small and needs to get larger. On a PC I can see that happen without to much of a problem but on one of those little devices you’ll need a magnifying glass to see the gems :face_with_monocle:

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Would be a huge boost to gem destruction/transformation teams o get combos after a cast.
If there was a gems ‘mode’ where gems could not be exploded, destroyed, or color changed then a multi-color gem could work.

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I thought there was the zoom-in option on other devices for such situations.

What is the official stance on this?