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Much variety! Very wow! Such GOLD! Updated! (Now with 100% more LULZ)



(still baffled…):



The best part is how the lowest level one is worth the most points/glory/trophies somehow. Must be pretty far ahead of the curve.

MOAR Goldzzzz… Seriously… WTF?

Think of the positives, that is still more gold then the first picture

That’s true. Gold linings, erm… I mean silver linings, I suppose.

Was this a glitch or mistake? My gold levels are normal for fights.

@Phaethon on another note: that referencing to Eddy Wally “wow geweldig” is that purely random or do you happen to be from Belgium where he is somewhat of a legend.

Not sure, if it’s just coincidence or not but for me, setting high power team on defense result in stronger opponents in PvP.

It was only added for comical effect, although I do fancy Brussels waffles (albeit, that is unrelated).

Nope. Just the good old fashioned gold trolls stealing my spoils. RNG is suppose?

I remember reading something a while ago that proposed this, but apparently it is not the case. Currently, the only team I have (both offense and defense) is a fully traited Sooth, Mab, Valk, Mab team… Still get super-low gold amounts and I’m only level 340-something.