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Mu Syndicate guild recruitment

I have been having a difficult time getting a member to join my guild AND actually contribute anything. I gear towards being somewhat casual (read forgiving) but prefer to actually make group progress. So… Hardcore oriented but casual enough that you don’t just get booted for an off week for example.

Mainly I am looking for, in order: Gold, Seals, and then Event Participation. I enjoy the synergy of everbody sharing in the spoils.

I’m open to anybody joining who is willing to actually participate. I’m even willing to take on new players if they are able to contribute seals and do what they can with events (they can shirk some of the gold responsibility until they are more established). I have my limits set low not due to low expectations but, instead, to signal a miminum of useful contribution. Would appreciate members who would like to exceed that mark if their progression takes them in that direction.

Personally I’m usually dropping 500k to 800k weekly, 2000 seals, and using up all my sigils in events. I don’t mind being the largest contributor even, but i don’t intend on carrying people who give back nothing. We all get more if we all put in, selfishness = get kicked.

The guild is called: Mu Syndicate. If you want to find me my code is: ALEPHHAT_8000. Do NOT reply to me on here. I only created this account to make this post since I can’t seem to get any real members by posting to the chat in-game or in the xbox gems club. Just feel free to join if you fit the above description.

Thanks in advance for any and all consideration.

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