"MrSammy and Me" - Recruitment


Hey, MrSammy here:

You finally reached level 1000?
Got all the units? Maxed them all? Bought all the armours? Completed the quests and their challenges?
Don’t really play as much as you used to, and don’t want to hamper your old guild?

… And you’re wondering what to do until release 1.07?

Well, come and wait with me!
“MrSammy and Me” is recruiting!
Level 1000 only… No Joke!


Interesting idea, I like it. Unfortunately I am not to that level yet, but I sure enjoy playing against you MrSammy, it has been fun. So I am just glad that you are back!


Thanks Temmies, I’ve been more active in the last few days, finishing some quests. Anxiously wainting for 1.07… Hoping for guild wars…


I’ll see you guys in about 5 years. :smile: