Moving on ... looking for guild


Finally going to give up on my long term guild

Looking for a new guild with gold requirement somewhere between $200,000-300,000

Currently level 400’s.


Are you on pc or ps4? Come join us, our weekly req is 1500 seals, gold and lots of trophies, we hit over 38,000 seals today. I have both Ps4 and pc guilds

What is your invite code? I will join you now actually.


What platform do you play on?



Invite code is Virae

Regularly get 1300 seals a week. 1500 is probably pushing it for me to do every week


Ok. I moved the thread to the right recruitment category.


Tried to send you a invite but you need to leave your guild first.



Left now


Invite sent, come join us and don’t forget to talk and visit in guild chat. Thank you


Accept invite from Blazing Dragons! We will be glad to have you