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Moving on ... looking for guild

Finally going to give up on my long term guild

Looking for a new guild with gold requirement somewhere between $200,000-300,000

Currently level 400’s.

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Are you on pc or ps4? Come join us, our weekly req is 1500 seals, gold and lots of trophies, we hit over 38,000 seals today. I have both Ps4 and pc guilds

What is your invite code? I will join you now actually.

What platform do you play on?


Invite code is Virae

Regularly get 1300 seals a week. 1500 is probably pushing it for me to do every week

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Ok. I moved the thread to the right recruitment category.

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Tried to send you a invite but you need to leave your guild first.


Left now

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Invite sent, come join us and don’t forget to talk and visit in guild chat. Thank you

Accept invite from Blazing Dragons! We will be glad to have you