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Motivational gif for AWryan.



See…I try to say something nice. And you throw Kim in my face. :no_mouth:





Gems of War Gif Wars


:joy: of joy thanks to gems of war being just a little more free of cheaters. I’d say don’t be Salty… but you know…:upside_down_face:

Me all day everyday:


If only you could internet as well as me.

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More cheaters got caught? If it’s the steam stats, it can only mean one thing…

I’m a millenial, I can out internet most. I just also have more to do in a day. :stuck_out_tongue:

Perfect timing (I keep checking for other “banned” posts.)
Agreed…I spend most of my spare time playing some game called GoW. I’m silly like that.

Alas, I have a full time job that cuts into all of my gaming time. I also have a thriving social calendar and winter is coming… which means numerous ski trips and a lot of working out. If only I didn’t need to sleep, then maybe I could play Gems of War as much as you!

All sass aside, live your best life! If that is playing Gems of War, I support it.

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I was allowed to play GoW at work. Strange that you aren’t as well. JK
But yeah it’s definitely a balance that needs to be maintained. When I quit drinking I figured out how much less drama and stress I had to deal with by keeping my circle small. It snows half the year here so a ski trip for me is going to the nearest mountain. And I agree… Everyone should live their best life. Eventually, I’ll be that guy living in the mountains living off the land. And I’m good with that. :grinning:

P.S… I can’t run anymore. So GoW is the perfect distraction to bike for a hour or two at the gym or at home. Just saying. :grin:

You’re definitely right about Gems of War being great for cardio. I have a lot of friends that play on the treadmill and bike! However, I don’t do cardio, I’m more of a weights girl, so unfortunately I don’t have that prime time available for matching. :frowning:

I’m also very social, and my calendar books out about 2 months in advance with industry events, conferences I’m travelling too and typically speaking at, birthday parties and weddings, etc etc.

Sometimes I miss the free time I had in high school to just play videogames all afternoon and every weekend, but then I remember that high school is awful.

So in other words. You hate down time. Have to stay busy sort. But it’s a fun busy. Not a work busy.

I hate cardio to, and I don’t skii but I imagine that still takes a lot of cardio. I’d seriously try the bike more if I were you. Just instead of distance. Focus on resistance. Make your quads feel every rotation (without hurting yourself). I do bike and then weights so that my heart rate is high while lifting weights. It’s my way of cheating by sneaking in some cross fit without actually doing cross fit. Of course skip the bike when doing actual leg day.

Life is all about choices. I’m sorry that high school was a rough time. You should strongly consider scheduling yourself play time. Like a hour a week. If someone is out to make the world happy. They tend to not worry enough about making themself happy. Not saying that’s the case with you. Just an overall generalization.
The good news is, those who struggle in high school for the most part try harder in adult life. Therefore they result in more success than those who “peak” in high school. How to overcome Adversity can be one of the best lessons a child or a teenager can ever learn.

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Haha so much burn in this thread

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gow made me a better parent. i had nothing but to watch kids swimming. so i swept the floor and i read books and cooked and cleaned and schooled and muay thai’d. but my all encompassing job was making sure the 2yo lives at the end.

i wanted a new passion. so i gemmed for 2 hrs and she learned to swim, and we chased crawdads, and intrim 4eva choo choo.

but the only motivational thing i want is: