Mostly-retired player looking for new guild

Mostly retired player looking for a place to hang my hat going forward (starting this coming Monday).

I will provide: 1 mil+ gold per week to basic guild tasks (flexible if this number needs to be slightly bigger)

I require from my guild: Basic guild task completion (avg about 500k contribution from the other 29 members, I don’t care what the “requirement” is as long as we at least get at least close to this most of the time).


  • Event requirements are a non-starter for me. Particularly World Event requirements. I play them when I have time, they are fun, and/or I can make tangible impact on the overall guild progress (so basically never), and I can’t have them be compulsory.
  • I prefer zero event requirements for everyone in the guild regardless, but I will contribute to weekend guild events, time permitting.
  • I actually like collaborating for Tower of Doom, and generally try to carve out a couple hours on the week it is happening to do bare minimum a speedrun to floor 25 once it is scouted (sometimes more, last time I ended up scouting up to floor 70 from the 50ish the rest of the guild landed on), but understandable if guilds with no event reqs also skip this one completely.
  • I don’t want to be asked to meet arbitrary seals or trophy goals. A great majority of guilds that have these requirements don’t actually benefit any other player in any meaningful way. I will push for 40k seals when it is close, particularly on new Mythic release week when it has the most collective benefit.
  • I will not participate in Guild Wars and quite frankly baffled why extremely low bracket guilds even make this an ask.
  • Under normal circumstances, I play less than an hour a week total. If there is a new thing that interests me, I play more and generally like to talk about said new thing and the impacts it has, so having a community where that actually happens is also appreciated.

In summary, I want to put in my gold and get basic tasks done from other people putting in gold and maybe we collaborate to get other stuff done so I can leverage the knowledge and playtime efficiency I’ve cultivated by having an extremely old and developed account so I can make a small but meaningful contribution to my guild in the form of gold, which I can pool quickly and weeks or months in advance rather than “putting in the hours” week to week. In turn, I get to remain just active enough to have the resources to check out stuff that looks interesting. I do not have any “long term” account goals. I do not want to join a guild that treats members as employees that must meet meaningless weekly quotas.

I realize this is probably a unicorn for where the game is currently, with most prominent choices either being “everyone is doing (ok gold number), but also we require all events and 40k seals weekly” or “no events mandatory but also we are basically a new player mill to funnel to other guilds in our alliance so we often don’t even finish half the basic tasks”/“we are a ‘developing’ guild that will never actually develop” with no middle ground. I got lucky twice before with those guild leaders only having to step away after personal tragedies, so maybe it is at least possible?

You may join “Hoguns Paladins”. 650K Gold is the only requirement. You can join the guild directly without an invitation.

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