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Mostly Horrible Ideas (but you never know...)

  • Undo Move/Turn: Oh no, you just took your turn but right before you matched those gems, you spotted a 4+ match that you missed. Now you can Undo that move or restart the turn completely!
VIP Level # Undos # Turn Restarts # Match Restarts
1 1 1 0
2 3 2 0
3 6 3 0
4 10 4 0
5 15 5 0
6 21 6 0
7 28 7 0
8 36 8 0
9 45 9 0
10 55 10 1
11 66 11 2
12 78 12 3
13 91 13 4
14 105 14 5
15 120 15 6
16 136 16 7
17 153 17 8
18 171 18 9
19 190 19 10
20 210 20 11
  • Delve Hoard Level: Did you spend too much gold, maybe the wrong treasures, upgrading a faction’s hoard level? Don’t play it anymore? Want a refund? Now you can! Simply click the “Remove Treasure” button and you will get back the same amount of gold and treasure you used for the last upgrade! Why leave that hoard at 199 when it could be at ZERO and in YOUR pocket again! You already got what you wanted from the delve anyway, you’re 2500, you’re never going back!
  • Missing Mythics: Oh no, you don’t want to wait for mythic rotation in the soulforge. Now you don’t have to! Simply select any 5 mythics from your collection to craft the mythic of your choice! Do you have too many Zuul’Goth’s but not enough Fallen Valdis? Get rid of the clutter and forge what you want!
  • Boring Daily Adventures: Yawn… souls, traitstones, and pet food! Yuck! I want keys, gems, and deeds! Time to REROLL! That’s right, now you can reroll your Daily Adventures for a chance at a better, brighter outcome, but be careful, every reroll is more expensive than the last… Want more rerolls? Purchase a Campaign Pass: Elite Pass, 1 free reroll per day. Elite Pass+, 3 free rerolls per day (a $300 value: discount: 97%!)
  • Fastrack your Kingdom Upgrades!: Kingdoms looking a little low? Tired of seeing 13 here, 14 there? Just click the new icon above every Kingdom to instantly upgrade it to a higher level, completely free, after the purchase of 1 “Typhoon of Keys Pack” (Limit: Unlimited).
  • New Medals!: +4 Magic? 20% Starting Mana? +4 Attack/Life/Armor? These aren’t the medals the pros will be using! Introducing the new line of truly “Apocalyptic” Medals:
Medal Stats
Medal of Death 10% chance to Death Mark All Enemies when my turn begins
Medal of Famine 10% chance to Drain Mana from all Enemies when my turn begins
Medal of Plague All Enemies lose 10 points of a random Skill when my turn begins
Medal of War Gain an extra turn whenever an Enemy dies
Medal of Xathenos 10% chance to Eliminate half the Magic from all enemies when my turn begins
  • Mythic Buffing: some mythics are sorely underpowered. It’s time they saw their place on the battlefield:

–Abynissia now summons a random Mythic Daemon instead of Infernal King
–Death’s scatter damage now deals 2 damage for each point of life, instead of 1 damage for each 2 points of life.
–Doomclaw’s Devour chance is now also boosted by # of Enraged allies (10% per Enraged ally)
–Draakulis now steals 8 life when he deals Skull damage instead of just gaining 8 life.
–Elemaugrim now steals 2 Attack and Magic from all enemies on 4 or 5 gem matches.
– Fallen Valdis now explodes all doomskulls and curses, stuns, and silences divine enemies.
– Gaard’s Avatar now burns and silences Undead, Daemon, and Monsters.
– Gargantaur’s damage is now boosted by all allies and enemies still alive, in addition to all allies and enemies killed.
– Plague now eliminates Magic+2 points from 2 random skills from all Enemies.
– Queen Aurora now gives ALL allies barrier and life!
– The Worldbreaker now gains 10 to a random skill on 4 or 5 gem matches.
– Undine now deals TRUE damage
– Vash’Dagon always summons a Daemon now!
– War loses “Infernal Armor” but gains Pyromania: double skull damage vs burning enemies.
– Zilopochtli loses “Death Touch” trait but gains “Song of Darkness: Summon a Darkstorm at the start of Battle”


Great suggestions :laughing:

I was just thinking about something like this. I was looking at the 3,4,5 counts of some Mythics I have and said to myself, I would trade any 5 of them for a random Mythic.

I just received my fourth Wulgarok days before Amarok came out (I always open glory keys – I only use gem keys and seals for mythics). I thought “Alright, I gotta try it…” so I threw all 4 of them into a PvP defense team. It actually won quite a few battles! Would I ever actually use it on offense? Absolutely not.

The only mythic I can see using multiples of in a real situation is two of The Possessed King, and three of TINA-9000, which I’ve used with the Mech class in Tower of Doom farming (Basically when you have a ton of Power of Potions, with all TINAs starting at 50% mana and enchanted, they shred through enemies.

Base Rarity Souls Earned
Common 5
Rare 10
Ultra-Rare 25
Epic 50
Legendary 100
Mythic 150

This is the current amount of souls you get from disenchanting. IF I get another Wulfgarok and his “Disenchant All” it will absolutely disenchant a MYTHIC for 150 souls. WHAT?!