Most glory from one tribute income | Leader: Terrorist - 944 Glory!


Thought I do post it, out of just a 3 kingdom tribute, 111 glory, that must be pure luck.:stuck_out_tongue:


88 glory from 2 kingdoms. Is that the max of glory one can get out of a two kingdoms tribute?




New personal best.pfft…

I wonder if anyone had emissaries of over 13 Kingdoms?


Here’s the thread for most kingdoms, with my pic of 15:


Thanks! Wow! :smiley:


The gauntlet has been thrown down and now the race is on for a 16 kingdom tribute.


I am in for the challenge, hope to be the first reaching it. :smiley:
But I hope I will be able to take down Trongs record of 338 Glory, first… :wink:


Damn, Mr. Trung is still leading… :disappointed_relieved:


Sometimes the stars align…


Congrats! Thread title updated!


Wow! Congrats! :slight_smile:


130 glory out of a 4 kingdom tribute, not bad. :smiley:


Then I get an 8 kingdom tribute with less than 40 glory. sigh


So close! At least the record for 11 kingdoms tribute!



Wow! You would have been deserved to get most glory out of that. I believe 17 kingdoms tribute is a record for most kingdoms tribute. :smiley:


@Rasper, post that SS here, you broke the souls record by a mile.


Most of that gold is from tribute too, it was just an hour since last collection.


17 is simply amazing, I believe that 13 has been my highest.