Most efficient way to level kingdom stars?

Looked but didn’t see it. Still soul farming for any event troops or new to my 3 or 4 teams as well as for any stones needed for the last few traits so I’m looking for what the most efficient way would be to get those star levels up.
I.e. raise troops to level x?
Trait first to third trait?

As it stands in generally just building 10 to 20k souls and then when I’m ascending random troops I’ll level them up to 10 and usually do the first trait and if they aren’t totally useless looking I’ll do the 2nd as well. 3rd rarely if it’s not a stone that’s needed elsewhere.

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To get my kingdoms to 5 stars, I usually had more souls than traitstones so I would level troops I didn’t really use for a kingdom to 15 initially and go from there. If I still needed a little more to get to 5 stars, then I would go to max level for that troop.

Measuring all the relative costs and doing it “most efficiently” is hard. Here’s what I did and the things I kept in mind.

Not all kingdoms are the same “difficulty” to get to 5 stars. The number of troops dramatically affects what you have to do. For example, I finished Bright Kingdom last and had to do some traitstone farming, but somehow in Khaziel I’ve still got 5 or 6 troops still at level 1. I recommend doing the “easy” kingdoms with more troops first.

What I did sounded like what you’re doing. I’d sort troops by base rarity and from most common to most rare I did this order:

  • Level to 10.
  • Do any 1st traits that use only minors/majors I seem to be drowning in.
  • Level to 15.

For most kingdoms, this was enough (along with the troops I’d leveled/traited for other game modes. From there it was more art than science. I’d check the Kingdom screen to see how many points I needed. I’d calculate that in levels/traits. Then I’d go pick out the ones I wanted to level or trait to reach that goal.

I managed my souls about like you, but I suggest a bigger buffer. I would accumulate up to 40k souls before attempting this, and only spend down to 30k. Why?

We get 2 new troops/week, and I like to level those. It tends to cost a bit more than 10k. Raids/Invasions also tend to make me need to get a few levels. So 20k felt like it put me at risk of running out. Secondary bonus: last night I only had 2 kingdoms left, and I spent 35k souls maxing them just to get it over with. Now I’m dangerously low on souls, but I accomplished my goal! The bigger your buffer, the more you can do in “one shot”.


Never trait for kingdoms over troops you’re actually using. Important. If you need those Arcanes for a legendary or Mythic then use them for that regardless of kingdoms.

With that out of the way … all troops are equal as far as points are concerned, so work on the Commons first and then Rares and so on. Helps that you don’t need a bucketload of [useful] Arcanes, but lower costs on everything else too.

Depending on your collection’s size, traiting Commons + Rares + Ultras and leveling everything is sufficient. Or however much you can manage anyway.


Yeah, I agree, that was the sense I implied with “minors/majors” but didn’t clarify.

I’ve got at least 2000 of every minor traitstone, and at least 800 of every major traitstone. The first trait on a lot of low-end cards tends to only use minors and majors, so I don’t mind “wasting” those to bump up a kingdom. Runics and arcanes, however, are precious. I’m down to less than 10 for a few colors. So I can’t afford to be aloof with those.

It meant that in a couple of cases, I probably spent 5k+ more souls on leveling than I could have, but felt the cost of having 0 runics left was a bigger problem. I can get 5k souls again in a guaranteed timeframe. Finding more runics is not so sure a prospect.

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To add to this, the only worth “going for” are the odd numbered stars. Things that just give gold income per day are not worth committing resources to until you have literally nothing else to spend them on (and if you are me, not even then). A few days of most single kingdoms boosted tributes (1*, 3*, 7*, 9*) is worth more than several weeks of boosted daily gold income (unless you collect very, very few tributes per day, in which case this is all a pointless exercise).

  1. Put on your best +Souls armor. Use your best soul farming team in explore on normal difficulty. Go through your entire troop list alphabetically and get every troop to lv10 and the first trait unlocked. This is your “best value” for kingdom power you can get from souls and traitstones.

  2. Now check each kingdom’s power to see if any are very close to 3, 5, or 7 stars. Level up and/or trait the easiest troops in those kingdoms to reach the next star. This will increase your tribute.

  3. Get all troops to lv15 then lv16 then lv17 etc. Repeat step #2 after each lv. During this period of leveling only add traits to your favorite troops and/or the troops you are actually using.

  4. Once all troops are leveled as high as they can go you can now farm explore with a much faster team. Put on your best +Gold armor. Get every kingdom to at least 3 stars.

  5. Using your troop filter, check how many troops each kingdom has. Take any kingdom with 10 or more troops to 5 stars by traiting the lowest base rarity troops first.

  6. Take any kingdom with 13 or more troops to 7 stars.

  7. Now you can begin on the harder kingdoms. Take kingdoms with 9 troops to 5 stars and kingdoms with 12 troops to 7 stars then those with 11 troops.

Once you have all kingdoms with 9-10 troops at 5 stars, all kingdoms with 11 or more troops at 7 stars you are pretty much as far as you can go until you ascend all your troops to mythic. There’s really not much point taking a kingdom to 4,6 or 8 stars. Better to start building a nice supply of traitstones so you are ready when a kingdom gets another troop making 5 or 7 stars possible for you. Just an FYI, 5 stars can be reached with 8 troops but you need every troop Lv20 and every troop fully traited. 7 stars can be reached with 10 troops but with only 50 points to spare (2 traits or 5 levels)