More use for orbs

The new orbs implement the basis for more uses to orbs. The ones that end game players looking for, better way to temper doomed weapons, ascending pets (cosmetic or task blocks for example) and elite medal troops.
Guild orb is still in use for the chance for earn mythics troops. But the other orbs are useless if you have kind of infinity resources (souls, traitstone, ingots and enough keys for enough copies).
I would like to suggest 3 additional ideas that you can add to make every orb count:

  1. Power of orb can be used as major minion orb / major forge orb / any kind of medal orb.
    So each 3 set of useless orbs can become something useful.
  2. Craft 1 major blue orb from 5 major green orbs or 5 major orange orbs. So we could balance the leftover of green and orange to craft more power of orbs that we could use with idea 1 (otherwise is pointless).
  3. Craft major forge orb from 5 major ingot orb. This new orb, but I think its already useless as end game and even mid game players owns alot of ingots.

Something that I forgot but seems trivial - turning a bunch of minor orbs to 1 major orb (like in green, blue, orange)

Nothing here required innovating code because due to the new update, but can help handle some resources in more useful ways