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[More info needed] Switching to chat during a match/from the worldmap

Platform, device version and operating system: Steam

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I wanted to look in the guild chat during a match. Then the chat menu and the match are overlapping. I can finish my match in the background, but to solve this problem I have to restart the game. When clicking on the Guild Chat icon on the menu there, then it still shows the underlying card effects.

I just figured out, that if I finish the match and click on the original chat icon again, then everything is back to normal again.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It already happened several times during the last weeks (maybe 3 weeks?) It also happened in explore battles and also when entering the chat from the worldmap, but mostly when being in a match.

Steps to make it happen again
Not sure when this exactly happens.

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thanks for reporting this, are you using full chat or lite chat before entering the match?
How soon into the match do you open the chat window?
Are you opening it while a spell is animating still?
Have you noticed anything else weird with chat or other issues when playing? Chat lag etc?


I always use the full chat.
And I can’t really answer the other questions. I am chatting so much, that I open the chat all the time, at the beginning, in the middle of the match, etc. And also while there are still animations of spells. Sometimes it even happens when not being in a match at all.

It happens to me daily, sometimes even several times but I can’t recreate it. But a few days ago I figured out a work around: when clicking on the orginal chat icon again, then I can enter the chat and when I then close it again, it’s back to normal.

I don’t have any other issues, everything else is quite normal. There are no chat lags etc.


If you are on Windows 10 could you please record this next time it happens? Windows 10 has a feature so you can record something AFTER it happened. It’s very quick and easy to setup to use, the instructions are here if you want to go ahead with this:

Sorry, that it took so long, I didn’t have much time. But could take a video two times. Both times not in a match, but looks the same when it happens in a match.

Now I managed to make a video during a match too.

and a few minutes later again - this time with a work around. When clicking on the original chat symbol, I can enter the chat and after that everything is back to normal.

!!! (This is what Shanaliy did in the video.)