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[More info needed] Many bugs; event troop, charm, kingdoms leveling

Android, cellphone. Last version of the game installed.

I have the same problem for a lot of kingdoms. I cant level them up; they ask to have at least one Mythic from a Kingdom to upgrade to next level. I have MANY mythics on EVERY kingdom (im playing for 3 years now). But it keep saying I have zero. (see images included).

I have another problem from the day one I played. NONE of my charming troops are working. They NEVER charm enemies.

Also Statue of Veritas, the event troop of the week, supposed to give barrier when taking damage. He NEVER gave me any barrier…

Its the same no matter wich game mode I’m playing and these bugs always there when I play. Its consistent.

Thank you very much for your help everyone!

You have to have the base mythic. For the kingdom shown that is High King Irongut. You are just showing ascended mythics in your image. Base mythic all use 3 mana color like shown in the picture. You can search by sorting by base rarity.

You will need to provide proof of this. I tested several charming troops and all worked fine.

Veritas Requires damage to its life. Then when you cast their spell they will barrier all allies. I tested to confirm it worked this way.