[More info needed] Lord of slaughter bug


Lord of slaughter is not doing true skull damage, it always has to destroy armor first…third trait is not working what so ever.

Happens every time in every fight

(UPDATE) Seems to work as intended when used by the CPU

What about some usable info (detailed description, for starters; visual exhibits - shouldn’t be too hard to get with “happens every time” - are even better) in so-caller report?

On Steam, at least, it seems to be working fine (in explore, for example)

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I also couldn’t reproduce this issue, I have him on one of my PVP teams.

Any chance you could grab a video?
I know it’s extra work, so if you can’t all good, we can keep an eye out for any further reports and other details

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Perhaps Los was stunned…


Cant access the game at the moment…but when he deals skull damage it hits armor first like any other troop