[More info needed] Delve not allowing me to battle further, only option to select is to leave, didn't lose


When playing a delve this will randomly happen, this is the second time. I had closed my game to make pizza pockets and come back, which I had been able to do previously.

Happens intermittently to me and my partner, we’ve both lost at least a delve/day to this. The only selectable option is to leave delve.

Play a delve and make pizza pockets midway through?


I can support this as i had the same instance with the Hall of Guardians faction event yesterday.

I haven’t even started the faction event, assembled the team and closed the game as i had to tend to other things but when i came back i had no other option but to “Leave Delve” (also i has to spend another 60 gems to complete the rewards for that reason).


@EraserParticles @Fiara
At which point exactly did you close the game, which screen? It sounds like there might be a somewhat unexpected situation where this counts as a delve loss.

I have noticed, when you close the game on mobile during a delve battle, if the device decides to close the game when you get back into it, it is treated as a loss.

I make sure i complete the delve battle before setting my phone down, if the game restarts when i pick my phone up, I can still continue the delve.

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That’s pretty much expected, it’s essentially retreating from a fight, which ends your delve run.

I closed mine on the “To Battle” screen where it shows my team and enemy composition.

I closed mine after I had won a battle and was on the map to go to the next one, I believe. It could have also been the “to battle” screen but I want to say I was on the map. Partner also had the issue happen when she opened the delve and hadn’t even selected the first battle.

Used ALT-F4 to close the game on the delve map and on the “To Battle” screen, was still able to continue the delve run. Daily sigil, in case it makes a difference.

This has happened to me on mobile as well as pc, the screen grab was pc

Hey folks, at this stage I’m suspicious that this is a tech issue due to the game force closing but as quite a few people have the issue I’ll just leave this open to see if everyone is having exactly the same issue with the same solution.

If you’re having this problem please post:

  1. Your invite code
  2. the day/time it happened (roughly is fine)
  3. which Faction you were in
  4. which platform you were on (I need to know if it was iOS ior Android for example if you play on mobile)
  5. which screen you exited the game from (was it the “To Battle” screen every time or another screen as well?)
  6. Had you had a crash or connection or lag issues around that time?
  2. Unknown/various
  3. Frostfire + Amanithrax
  4. Android/PC
  5. Both “to battle” and map
  6. Once was kicked, another time had closed my game, another time just happened after a completed battle, multiple instances of each since making the post.

@EraserParticles Thanks for the info. If this happens again please note the day/time as even a rough estimate of when the issue occurred will help me pinpoint the error in your account logs.

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Sounds good, I will do it if it happens again. It actually hasn’t since my most recent post.

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