[More Info Needed] Chat overlay unintended

Platform, device version and operating system:
Win 10, Steam.
Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Chat overlay bug, unable to close, the game continues as normal.
Phantom overlay

Expected to click the X to close.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
3-4 times in the last month with very small chat usage and excessive gameplay time.

Steps to make it happen again
Uncertain of the direct cause, I play a lot of exploder teams, which causes memory leaks and aggressive lag spikes when casting spells (another bug issue {unknown if reported}) This happened when I was a few hours into my client’s session (typically reboot around 2-4 hours of gameplay.) It could possibly be a direct link.

I get this from time to time as well, not sure what the trigger might be.

I’ve found that I’m able to interact with (and get rid of/close) the overlay/chat window again by clicking on the chat icon – so I’d assume it really is a ‘phantom’ overlay, as you said, as the game behaves as if it was closed (in terms of clicking interactions).

I was not able to demonstrate in the clip, but I am not able to close it using the chat button either.

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Hey thanks for reporting this and thanks for the video!

What did you do right before this issue happened?
Did you have lite chat open with a transparent overlay?
Did you have chat open at all?
Was chat closed but when you started battle it popped open to cover the screen like that for example?

Any further information you can give me about when the issue started or what the state of chat/the game was before this happened would be very helpful.

This was during a segment of my stream and clipped from twitch directly, I have pasted a timestamped URL above that should take you to the point of where the clip is, you can rewind or go forward to see any preceding steps.

There’s a lot of filler time in there due to twitch not giving me the option to clip the video right away + Writing this up.

What did you do right before this issue happened?
Checked profile of someone in chat, and closed the window (looks like with the ESC key)
Did you have lite chat open with a transparent overlay?
Did you have chat open at all?
yes, I was looking at a profile aforementioned
Was chat closed but when you started battle it popped open to cover the screen like that for example?

The battle had nothing to do with the issue, only to show that the game proceeded as normal with the phantom overlay.

In case the video doesn’t take you to the right spot immediately, going to ~7:49 (h:mm) (~7:48 for more context) should work.

He makes some matches, etc. at ~8:02, records the clip, finishes the match, then reboots a bit after 8:04.

I do maintain that it should be possible to close the overlay by clicking on the chat icon highlighted in the screenshot I took to ‘re-open’ chat, and then closing it per normal (as a workaround – obviously still a bug).

If in-battle, it’s in a different spot, obvs (top-left):

I haven’t had or noticed this for a while, or tried to reproduce it just yet; the circumstances around which it occurred do seem familiar, though.

Props to Teddy for taking the time to properly record, report and follow this up!!!

I couldn’t find this in the video with the link or the time stamp Jon gave me or by skimming through the video… but I tried to reproduce the issue using the details you gave me @Teddy and couldn’t get it happening.

Possibly a weird once off/edge case glitch.

If it happens again can you please let us know?


@Kafka I stream the majority of my gameplay, if it does, I’ll be more than happy to assist, would you like me to go back to the occurrence and clip it directly when it happened? I will have to do this the next time I check forums, as I’m headed to bed now (5:30am). Let me know I’ll help however I can. :+1:

I think only worry about it if it happens again. I suspect it was a once off glitch.

Thanks for your help.

I express your sentiment, although I can confirm it was not once off, although last time I did not recall how it happened and just rebooted client.


I noticed around the time you reported this issue you were also playing on Android:
Did you happen to have chat open on one device while playing on another or something for example?
I know in the OP you said you’re playing through Steam but are you using an Android emulator on PC to play at all? If so, do you ever leave it running with or without Gems of War open while you’re playing Gems of War through Steam?

(Note: although technically emulators are third party tools, we don’t ban for using them as they’re just an unsupported way of accessing the game so I’m not asking you to get you in trouble)

May have been from my SG9+, I sometimes forget to close the program, and leave it to the servers to disconnect me from the other client when I reconnect to steam, although my stream is 8 hours+ in that clip. If you’re looking at connection logs, I can’t deny that I may have forgotten to close gems on the phone. The only thing that I can say for certain is either 1) the phone was put into sleep(power button once) or Gems was not in the foreground. Hope this helps.