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More frequent updates?

@Sirrian, back in March you wrote the following:

[quote]To be clear… nothing is decided/finalized for the guild update yet… we’re still working on 2.0 which is focused on making PvP more interesting & rewarding. Everything is up for grabs with guilds still.

Regarding timing… we’re going to try and get updates out more frequently in the future. Twice as many updates, each one with half the features, is probably a better way to go (or alternating minor/major updates perhaps). We’ll have more info on that for you after 2.0 also.

No timing to share on 2.0 yet though, sorry.[/quote]

Now that 2.0 is out, do you know which direction you are going?

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Going with what i know from what sirrian has said we are getting an update next week but it is not 2.1.

They split 2.1 into two updates. The 2.1 update will likely be here within about a month. The most notable thing known about this update is it will be the final step for their server switch over, so servers should have a lot less issues then. The 2.1 and 2.2 updates should be mainly focused around guilds, communication within the game, and other various things that they always keep secret. :stuck_out_tongue:

Much planning is taking place here right now… secret talks behind closed doors… hushed whispers in darkened corridors… all that sort of thing! :eyes:

We’ll have some news about all sorts of cool stuff shortly, but not for a week or two. We DO still stand by the more frequent updates with less stuff in them though, but I’ll keep you all filled in when the plan takes a little more shape!


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That certainly sounds nice! More updates, even smaller ones, at higher frequency can keep the game feeling fresh.

I wonder how you’d reconcile that with the mobile release pipeline, though. Steam is fast, but iOS and Android releases take a while to get validated.


Google has no real review process. The lag is always with Apple. Apparently they’ve been working to bring down their times a bunch, especially for updates, and it now only takes a couple of days: http://appreviewtimes.com/ios/annual-trend-graph

!0 people having secret talks among them selves, are we sure this game is not made of magic and you guys are a secret coven? Even those you contract out the work to could just be summoned minions.

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2 weeks later, news about this imminent :wink:


Still seeking confirmation on this.

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