More Fraud from Gems of War

I searched for a while before I posted. I even skimmed through Kafka’s posts because I figured it was most likely was going to come from her. I wasn’t able to find it.

To clear, I’m asking about this from the perspective of wanting transparency. Anytime they release something like this, we should want confirmation of the odds upfront. As far as I can see, they haven’t provided that. If you have a link to the source where you saw it, that’d be appreciated.


Summoning Stones similarly do not disclose their drop rates, but actual testing (by a kind soul with a surplus of colored Gems) documented a fairly equal distribution of all eight Troops shown for each color.

Gem Dragons would be a helluva lot easier to document if Dragonite wasn’t so RNG.

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If you look at NerdieBirdie’s post from earlier, there were about 200 data points. More data has been added, but no one’s done the math in a while. It was coming out pretty close to even at the end.

Again, if someone wants to pick up the project and collect more data, have at it. I started losing track of which new posts contained some data that was old (i.e. someone posted 5 of their drops previously, I recorded it, and later the same person shows data from 6 total drops, and I don’t remember if all 6 data points are new or not). I haven’t felt the urge to go through and figure it all out; I’m content with the results from 150+ data points.

Interesting in continuing the project? Here is the link to my sheet. Simply make a copy and either delete my data and start from scratch, or go from where I left off in the data collection thread.


Just to be clear, i wasn’t complaining. Thank you for doing that.
I’m happy with the results, even if the conspiracy theorists are not.

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I’m tempted to do precisely that (but do it “correctly”, i.e. to solve/avoid your problem of confusing new vs. old data) but I already have a lot of other things demanding time…

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I don’t think more data will convince those who think it’s rigged but I had some spare time at lunch. I posted my count of the thread in that thread:

The numbers as a whole can be close to even, yet the numbers per individual can still be skewed.

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This claim could only be proven with a sufficient amount of data per individual. Unfortunately with gem dragons that is really hard to get :confused: