More Fraud from Gems of War

You mean base rarities (and quantity), not the actual drop rates. (So without further data collection, my default assumption is that the drop rates should be distributed roughly evenly. Not that I actually craft Summoning Stones outside Campaign Tasks, I need those colored Jewels for other things)

In the forge and in chests. Base rarity of the troop does indicate drop Rates. (Weight of the troop.)

Are we saying that weightings of both Summoning Stones and Dragons should be public and/or displayed in-game? Not the worst request or expectation (given that chest odds etc. are).


“Imply” the drop rates, yes. But remember to consider how it drops 3 Commons vs. 2 Rares vs. 1 Ultrarare or Epic, when (most) Chests only drop one Troop at a time, regardless of rarity.

Still, if anyone has hard data about Summoning Stone drop rates, that would be nice to see.

Chests can drop more than one troop at a time.

Besides the fact that base rarity effects drop rate in chests and summoning stones? I wish Gems of War was more simple but since the vault became a thing. A troop can be the same rarity but be different drop Rates. Prior to that implementation logic and intelligence was sufficient in deducing drop Rates.

Just for amusement and not having any use for jewels, 100 stones of each color crafted.

New picture; in final column, added difference between my drops and 12,5% (if all 8 drops were distributed on-point equally).


Thanks for misquoting me. I said:

Thanks for the experiment!

… it looks like I win the argument.


The gem troops are still weighted as if they were in chests.

@Dust_Angel didn’t attribute the multiples and the number of troops he actually got from crafting 100 troops from the forge.

Here is his blue summoning stones:
24 common
36 common
22 rare
18 rare
17 ultra rare
13 ultra rare
11 epic
9 epic

Total = 150 troops
Common = 40%
Rare = 27%
Ultra Rare = 20%
Epic = 13%

And no one wins until the devs reveal that much like how summoning stones are CLEARLY weighted so are the Dragon Eggs. Or… They fix it so each dragon is just as likely to be crafted as the other.

I noticed that too, but it’s irrelevant to the (per-stone) drop rate. After all, a chest dropping x2 troops 50% of the time is NOT the same as a chest dropping x1 troop 100% of the time.

Then I’d like to see hard data across a larger sample set (especially than can be counted on just one hand). People already did it with Hoard Mimic encounters and Dungeon layouts…

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Honestly think about the results in your opinion (and evidently @Dust_Angel agrees with you). Does it make any sense that an epic troop would be just as likely to be crafted for the same exact cost as 3 common troops?

Luckily you aren’t the judge of this matter since bug reports aren’t supposed to be decided by a jury of your peers. The issue is either bugged in the same vein that Dungeons were. Or… The devs are knowingly misleading players on purpose and are just going to attract even more heat and loss of credibility due to it.

Clearly even if I did 100 gem dragon troops and got same results then you would still spin the data in hopes that you “won” an argument with a stranger on the Internet.

I don’t care about winning here. I do enough of that in real life on a daily basis. What I care about is the game attracting players and not scamming them.

Ahem, you do not know that. The fewer people we have assuming bad faith, the better the discussion can be.

That is precisely what the data from Dust_Angel’s experiment showed.

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Those are exactly the 2 I am missing as well… The devs are doing this on purpose … I have no doubt @Kafka @OminousGMan @Jeto … Please prove me wrong… PROVE… Not some double speak… Why are you guys blocking those 2 Dragons?.. I have 4 each of the others.

I want to say “you prove it first” but everybody knows emotions are impervious to logic…

Yes, having a lopsided distribution of Gem Dragons is obviously weird, but it tends to be really, really difficult to “prove” if an RNG is being unfair.

And the last voluntary data collection about Gem Dragons actually documented a collectively fair distribution between all six.


“Apps offering “loot boxes” or other mechanisms that provide randomized virtual items for purchase must disclose the odds of receiving each type of item to customers prior to purchase.”

They sell dragonite, there are no odds showing the drop rate of each dragon before you hatch. Therefore they are breaking the Apple tos.

With that said the loophole is “type” they are all the same type technically.This should show the level of scum involved.

My last hold out wasn’t either of those dragons. My last hold out was Amethialas, Just because the RNG sucks doesn’t equal fraud.

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Took me just 8 Dragons to get all 6 (this time i was lucky) have two reds and two blue.
Took me ages to get that hoard mimik thou.

Bad luck is not always fraud.
For the chests/stones: did you ever expect a epic troop being as common as a white one?

Linking my reply from a feedback thread about this here as it seems like the most relevant way to respond to this thread also:

Someone doesnt understand randomness in real life. It’s a 1/6 chance for each color (they’ve said so), but that doesn’t mean it turns out that way every time.
Roll a die. That’s a 1 in 6 chance, just like these dragons. Do it 5 times, and it’s possible to get one 1, one 2, and three 3s. That doesnt mean the die is rigged, it means that’s what you rolled.
Flip a coin. You won’t always get heads, then tails, then heads, and so on. It will vary, sometimes you get 3 heads in a row.
If you roll a die 1000 times, you will get very close to 1/6 for each of the options. Not always though. It might come out to 0.166666666 for 2s, but 0.164 for 3s. That’s how randomness works.
There was a thread in the forums where someone was collecting data on which dragons came up. It was pretty close to 1/6, before the person got bored with it or whatever, and they stopped.


It’s 1/6. They’ve said so. It’s not rocket science. It’s simple probability.


Have they actually disclosed the odds? Kafka’s reply in the other thread only stated it’s “not bugged”. It implies the dragons all have equal chance but I don’t recall them ever disclosing the actual odds or mechanics.

We had a thread several months ago asking for confirmation and never received it.

I’m of the belief that it’s simply 1/6 for each dragon, but I’m curious where they stated it. I definitely could have missed it if they did.

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