More complete battle log

As a user, I want to know what troops are included in teams that attack me.

I have all the information when I invade: attacking troops, defending troops, decisions made during the fight … But when someone invades me, I don’t have any relevant information.

Ok, I can know who attacked me and the result of the fight … So? I don’t only want to know if my defense team has lost, I want to know HOW it lost! Was it because of luck? Because my opponent used specific troops to counter my team? Because my level is too low?

This information will make me vary my defense team based on real information, not only on theorical power. Also, in the long term this will make people use a wider range of troops on their defense teams imho. When players see their kerb/FG defender being crushed by scarletts once and again, they will probably vary their strategy.

Even more, I would love to be able to see replays of my games (attacking or defending), but I think asking for this is not realistic in the short term :wink:


Yes agree, a replay mode would be cool.
Even if you click on the battle in the log to see what you were invaded with would be nice.

But I reckon we’d see a lot of Gards which is hard for the AI to target effectively.