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More cards=more strategy,more fun,so some cards should be weaken

1.kraken:yeah,2 times weakened,but its still too op(over power),should not creat blue gems!
2.queen mab:no more extra turn and trait arcane
3.krystenax:remove"remove"effect,or change its trait
4.the great maw:creat 7 or 6 browm and yellow gems (u can devour one but u must give some chance to enemy,because this+creat skulls=no one stand)
5.emperor khorvash:remove drain mana effect
6.infernus: explode 2 gems
believe me,aboved cards are nomal,not op not weak.

arena:runic blades and dawnbringer are too op,u can do this,weapons can replace by epic
cards,more fair?
reward is glory keys,but they show gold keys.

thanks for reading,i hope u can understand my bad english.