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More board reshuffling than normal?

Board reshuffling, when there are no matches available, used to be unusual. But it now seems much more common, especially noticiable in raid boss mode.
Or it could just be my imagination.


I would have to agree I’ve notice this more than usual as well.

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More skulls for the ai as well, while garbage is all that lines up for us.


Maybe it’s a hidden 4th trait for Zuul that activates when he flies across the screen like a mad man.


I agree there’s more reshuffling in raid, but I suspect it’s because Glacial Peaks has none of the troops that refresh the board that we all use in PvP: mass transformers and exploders.


Plus you are often being very cagey with matches (even the AI seems to be) and often taking away his colours while he takes yours. So you end up with a blocked board more often.

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